My Life at Blue Ridge (On Hold)


4. Chapter Four

It's been two weeks since I found my father, and no matter how much I begged, my mom would not let me live with him. She said she wanted me to go to the school, and when I tell her I still can, I just don't have to live there, she just shakes her head and tells me I'm staying.


"Hey Sophia," I hear Jeremy's voice.

I ignore him and continue to do my homework.

"Oh come on, you know you like me," Jeremy said.

I roll my eyes, but still didn't respond.

Suddenly, Jeremy's arm snaked around my waist.

I growled slightly. "Seriously Jeremy? I. Do. Not. Like. You. What part of that do you not understand?" I demanded as I try to remove Jeremy's arm.

"I understand that lie of yours, what I don't understand is why your lying to me." Jeremy spoke, sounding really close.

"I am not-" I started as I turned my head, but only to be cut off by Jeremy's lips.

 My eyes widened as I started to struggle to get out of Jeremy's grasp.

Jeremy grabbed my butt and squeezed it, causing me to gasp. Taking that as a chance to slip his tongue into my mouth, he began to french kiss me.

I don't know why, but that made my body shiver. I felt Jeremy smirk against my lips.

I narrowed my eyes into a glare and I began to struggle harder.

Soon, Jeremy pulled away, out of breath.

"Enjoyed yourself?" Jeremy smirked.

"Why would I enjoy that?" I spat.

"Oh come on, you and me both know why you shivered as I was kissing you." Jeremy tells me.

I rolled my eyes, "I don''t know why I shivered, but it was certainly wasn't because I enjoyed it." I tell him.

"Uh, huh, sure," Jeremy smirked.

I rolled my eyes, "Will you let go of me?" I demanded.

"Eh, I'm good." He said before moving my chair and picking me up.

"Jeremy! Put me down!" I screeched.

"Ok," He said dropping me on his bed.

I sat up, but before I could do anything, he was next to me and cuddling with me.

I growled as I struggled to get out of his grasp.

A few seconds pass by and I couldn't get out of Jeremy's annoying grasp. Suddenly, I heard myself moan, snapping me out of my mental rant. Jeremy smirked against my neck. I tried to stop him, but it was no use.

My moans increased in volume and speed as Jeremy's hand moved to my breast, moving his thumb over it in a slow motion.

Jeremy sucked at my neck harder and faster causing my back to arch itself, causing my body to go closer to Jeremy's.

"S-stop" I stuttered. 

Jeremy surprisingly listened.

"Those were loud moans that escaped that pretty little mouth of yours." Jeremy said, a smirk on his face.

I glared at him. "Only because you found my sweet spot you idiot." I hissed.

"Did I now?" He asked cocking his head to the side, a questioning look on his face.

I didn't answer, instead, I began fighting to get out of Jeremy's grasp.

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