A tale of love and conquest

Tired of the run-of-the-mill fantasy and looking for something a bit...different? Check out A tale of Love and conquest an epic fantasy that's not afraid to do something new in the genre. Fans of strong epic fantasy with an emphasis on romance will find themselves right at home here. Well-developed, morally ambiguous characters. Check. A completely unique magic system with a strong, page turning plot?

Time flows like a river, ages come and past, kingdom falls and new ones rise from the ashes of the old, their is no greater truth than time. Follow the tread of one flow, a pebble in the river, of one kingdom before it was ever born and the men and women, who cause ripples in the river of time.


1. Silence

                                                         High Imperial Age

                                      Year 567


                                                                                         In the far north reaches of Eden prime, in the badlands, a place filled with creatures of old. There the tower of the sisters stood, in truth It was that of a castle but all the ranks in the sisters from the younglings to the head sister took to calling it the tower for unknown reasons. At the top of the tower, a room with no windows but only a single circular table with a candle flickering in the darkness, a candle almost at it's end.


" I take it you all are aware why this meeting was called." the head sister said to the teachers of the tower they were all wearing black cloaks and hood covering their face, even thought there was no need for hoods and cloaks it in this already dark room, with a long dying candle 


Everyone gave a small nod." We-we must retrieve him! Bring him here! We saw what happened to sister Ina!" a panicked sister who sat at the table said in a voice willed with terror and small murmuring began to break out around the table.


" Silence!" the head sister shouted, he voice echoing in the room, the talking died down, the silence was cold, only the breathing under the hoods could be heard.


" The child is weak, but he grows, do not fear him, he is but a babe only now leaving his mother's womb, it was simply the power he unleashed when coming to this world that we felt, we will watch over him, see how the child grows." The head sister said, she had a voice of someone who was being choked, it was without question she was feared, her spirit was strong, no sister could every hope to  best her in a duel.


" But sister, the child of a whore? Are we suppose to watch this women, this filth raise one with such spirit? Who knows what will happen?" Sister Eine said with a hushed voice, the other around the table nodded along to show their concern.


" Head sister Philpia, I believe what sister Eine said is true, we have waited so long, such risk can not be taken" Sister Mellia, who was the oldest sister in the tower, old enough to know the three last head sisters before sister Philiphia. She was an old one, and scars of her one lost eye showed in the dimly lit room. Everyone once again nodded excluding the head sister.


"We shall get rid of the mother then, the child should have a better family, until it is time I suppose, we will keep a close watch on him until then" Philpia smiled and the rest of the sisters smiled along with her.


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