A tale of love and conquest

Tired of the run-of-the-mill fantasy and looking for something a bit...different? Check out A tale of Love and conquest an epic fantasy that's not afraid to do something new in the genre. Fans of strong epic fantasy with an emphasis on romance will find themselves right at home here. Well-developed, morally ambiguous characters. Check. A completely unique magic system with a strong, page turning plot?

Time flows like a river, ages come and past, kingdom falls and new ones rise from the ashes of the old, their is no greater truth than time. Follow the tread of one flow, a pebble in the river, of one kingdom before it was ever born and the men and women, who cause ripples in the river of time.


2. New spring festival

" I fear the greed of men, I fear the limit a man will go for power, but most of all, I pity you all, that stand and do nothing but watch "

" Lord Fruster Hawklight before his execution"


It was a cold night, not like the normal cold nights you feel while walking the streets of the city Morcoast, neither was it because the ground in an old alley was too cold  or even fact that Morcast was a city by the sea and the strong gust of winds would bring the cold like Chitinbane brings chaos, but ofcourse, chintinbanes were fictional creatures from the age of myth, unreal of not, children were told of chintinbanes to rush them to bed, he smiled at his though of chintinbanes, it didn't stop the cold. It did't stop it at all. It only made him remember his bed, those few weeks ago, his bed, how he missed it, how he missed the warmth. Now all that was left, was to remember.


The windows were pushed open, light filling his room in a sudden rush, if you ever smelled morning in Morcoast, know that it is not of flowers, of the nice smell of fresh air, no, instead thick with the small of fish, it didn't bother Ivan, he was born here, he grew up here, his friends was here, the smell of fish was like home, though the outlanders did not enjoy it well,  the merchants that is, other parts of Morcoast was not so bad, the more inland to the edge of the city you

." Wake up young master Ivan, it's a new year, and you know what that is" he could never forget that voice, miss Eliatris,t ohh how he could not forget that voice the woman pratically raised him. All the times she would scold him for doing all the things he should not be doing, and a good wiping for the things, he really should not at all do, like the time he ran under mistress Arydia's skirt, he was five, and the bottom of the skirt was like a door, it was too tempting and hardly his fault the woman had a bad sense of fashion, not at all deserving to have his bottom redden, that's what she called it, and you have no idea how much detailed those two words were.


" What...do you mean," he covered his eyes from the sunlight that rushed into his room while he he sat up, the sheets still covering his waist down, the sunlight seemed to scorch his eyes, miss Elia gave a grunt as if it was obvious and everyone in Morocoast knew what day it was today besides him, he knew exactly what today was, and she probably knew it too, but he didn't want to spoil her joy.


" The New Spring festival!?" She said it with such a smile, filled with joy, it sounded like both a question and an answer, as if she half expected him to jump and and shout it's the new spring fastival with her and dance around until his feet grew tired. He could not understand the woman's fasination with dancing and festivals, she loved dancing so much that she thaught him, or else she would reden his bottom. After all those years of her teaching him how to dance, he was quite verse in the arts and ways of different dance forms but ofcourse, no one knew but Miss Elia, she didn't even tell his father she was teaching him and she made him swore he would not tell anyone, not that he was going to anyway, he planned to keep that bit of skill and information to the grave.


" Oh, right the New Spring festival..." he said it with a sigh, as if it was hardly important, she gave him that look, all women have it, he never understood women, where do they learn these things? as if there was some secret society hidden from all men, like the time Davven kissed Lady Grace daughter, not only did her mother know within the day, but her friends told their friends and after that you won't find her daughter anywhere near Davven.


" Your breakfast is on the table, get dressed" She said it in her commanding tone, that Ivan was well accustomed to by now, he noticed her nice silky brown hair, she was hardly maid looking, maybe in her late twenties, he once asked her her age, she gave him a scolding about how improper it is to ask a woman's age, besides that her black dress with a white apron. Eliatris left the room, she was always gentle with closing the doors, so you could not hear her enter, or even leave. 


He gave a sigh, pulled down the covers to his feet, the tub in the bathroom was nicely filled with warm water, the room itself was quite spacious, the room of a young lord, he never liked the title, though the house of Faye, was of lesser nobility, Hardly even nobility. He asked his father about his mother once, well more than once, he always seemed to dodge the question, but Ivan knew that she died when giving birth to him, other than that, miss Elia seemed to know her, and told him she was beautiful, that was all he really knew.


He made sure to eat,  eggs and bread it would seem today, nice bread, crisp and warm, he liked eating her food, how could he not. Ivan was tall, well taller than most boys for his age, Morcoast was a small city, and many would confuse him with being a man rather than a boy. He had a natural blond and black hair mix, a slender yet muscular build, his face had a rough look to it which had a beauty of it own in a man.


Miss Eliatris didn't seem to care weather when he left, once he came back before sunset, and never to leave the city, he never though about leaving the city, he never though about the world as matter. The house and the compound around it was, befitting of a lord's estate, it was small compared to what other Houses had for a compound but to Ivan it was more than big enough,  two stories, it was wide and shaped in an L with a wall, a fancy wall, around it and with a nice lawn, he never could figure out how miss Elia kept up with all the work herself.


" Well look at you, don't you look all fine and lordly today, my lord Ivan" Davven gave a low bow, mockingly , his face gazing at Ivan as he walked out the gate, he smiled, a wide smile, Luke to his side laughing aloud not able to bear it anymore." Careful Davven, he might replace us friends with better ones, ones suiting a young lord" Luke said, at the same time while he laughed which made the words all seem to jumble up.


The three friends were all dressed in their best breaches ans shirt, expect for Ivan who had on a coat, black with red." I could say the same for you two, besides, I'm only dressed like this cause-" Before Ivan could finish Davven cut him off by saying " The New Spring festival, it's going to be fine this year, maybe I can yet get one of those lovely ladies,  especially  Allecia" Deevan gave a nudge at Luke  and Ivan and Luke both sighed. " Deevan....she is a Lady, and not of lesser nobility, one of those ladies with long standing nobility, besides she is all promised to that pompous Lord Kevmorn" Luke said  but Deevan gave a sweep of his hand as though her being his soon to be fiance was not of importance.


" Key word Luke, soon to be, no one said the girl can't have some fun before she gets thrown to some man she may or may not even like, I say I am doing the poor thing a favor" Deevan said with another smile and stuck his hand in the pocket of his breaches. The roads seem to be filled with flowers all about handing on windows and lamp post and walls, so much that it almost drowned out the sent of fish with flowers.


" Well they certainly outdid themselves for this year..." Ivan said still gazing at the surrounding flowers, and the other two boys seem to follow him. " Yeah,  the council  certainly did alot this year, I hear the parade this year will be the biggest with the best costumes, the entire city will be lined up across the  road and city square to watch" Luke said, still gazing around. " Well we have nothing to do until tonight, maybe we can go down to the beach and pitch some rocks" Luke said, his fave returning to Ivan.


" I'm sorry guys, Master Howard said he would be teaching me the way of the sword today, he said if I miss it, don't don't bother coming again" Luke exhaled, " How is an old man who probably can barely get himself off his bloody bed in the morning going to teach you how to use a sword" Deevan didn't get a reply, Luke just said " Well.. guess we will have to go watch"


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