A tale of love and conquest

Tired of the run-of-the-mill fantasy and looking for something a bit...different? Check out A tale of Love and conquest an epic fantasy that's not afraid to do something new in the genre. Fans of strong epic fantasy with an emphasis on romance will find themselves right at home here. Well-developed, morally ambiguous characters. Check. A completely unique magic system with a strong, page turning plot?

Time flows like a river, ages come and past, kingdom falls and new ones rise from the ashes of the old, their is no greater truth than time. Follow the tread of one flow, a pebble in the river, of one kingdom before it was ever born and the men and women, who cause ripples in the river of time.


3. Blade Mesier

" I am the edge on my blade, I am darkness at the edge of your eyes, I am a shadow, the last light you will ever see, is my edge"

-Only words every recorded by Shaian the Bloodblade-


The Farm was on the edge of Morcoast, far away from the small of the sea, squared patches of cultivated land for crops lay in rows, it was meant for crops, but was empty. no crops seemed to be crowing, it was a farm, thought it didn't have that farm feeling, the smell of chicken, of cows, it was all absent, it as to be expected. Devvan was right, he was old, a man that old can't do farm work.


" See! what did I tell you, the man is old, can't even work a farm, I bet the old man was just lonely and wanted you around Ivan, you know how old people are, afraid to die alone and cold in their bed" Deevan raised his hands , in a gesture that said loudly, we should of gone to pitch rocks on the sea.


" I'm not afraid to die boy, and I know many a man who wished they died on a bed' The three of them spun on their heels, fear seemed to gripped the three friends heart,  they all seemed to ring with the same thought on their minds. Old man Howard!. Three of them stood still, the man before them, despite old, he had a hard face, his form upright like a statue, he was old, indeed, gray  hair reaching his shoulders, he had a couple scars on his face, and a crane, the crane didn't seem to be of use, it was true before them stood a man of old, but his form, spoke volumes of youth.


Daveen backed away, two steps, then another two more, he seemed to wish he had shut his mouth, Luke didn't move as Howard too three steps forward, Ivan moved to greet to man with a light bow." I wish to take up the offer you gave me..." Their was a slight sound of fear in Ivan's voice. Howard looked the boy in front of him up, then down slowly, then quickly back up at his face, he gave a grunt, then walked passed Ivan, ignoring the two other boys entirely." Follow me boy" Ivan followed, without question, Daveen and Luke attempted to follow, Howard flicked the crane, resting it against the chest of the two boys as they moved." Not you two....just him" as Ivan walked he looked at their faces, it was like a real sword had rested itself against their throat, they didn't move, even when the old man was well inside the barn.


The barn, you would expect it to be at least full with chickens, or cows, even a horse, the barn was filled with just heaps of hay, shattered all across the inside of the barn. He looked around and found the old man, knocking his crane on the ground, as Ivan walked closer his eyes and ears focused on the ground and sound of the crane, tap, tap, tap, it sounded like an echo, a space below." Open in"


Their was a small crevice of sort in the ground, digging into the dirt, sliding his fingers inside he found, the tips of his finger found another crevice and he pulled up, hard, then harder, with a crack the dirt uplifted the ground buckled back and a wide chest within the ground opened up. A sword, it was a curved blade, with a with scabbard and a knot of black cloth tied to the hilt. He could relinquish his gaze from the sword, it was of such beauty, even down to the embroidery on the hilt. His mouth gaped open and he found it hard to shut it.


" Pick up the sword, not the white one, the other one" Ivan had forgot entirely the man was there , what old sword, he looked around the barn, then back to the insides of the box, his face shone with surprise, the white sword scabbard  had completely dwarfed the old sword besides it, it wasn't old at all, no rust or damage to unseated blade, without being told again, he grasped the blade and stood up, with a gesture of Howards hand Ivan closed the box back.


" Hmm...those clothes, I would hate to make you...dirty them, take them off, put on those" a blue farmers jumper hanging from the wooden wall by a hook, Ivan looked at it, then back at the men thinking it must be something else, " Either you begging to obey me, or you leave boy", all he good thing about was how much they would laugh, how much Deevan and Luke would lay, he hoped in the nine hells they didn't tell anyone, yet it was not strong enough to dismay his want to learn the sword, he loved to learn,  to learn new things, and Miss Elia always said he learned to well and too quick for anyone peace of mind, he felt proud of it, he even wanted to learn to dance, maybe he even liked it too, not that he planned to let anyone know that.


To left the barn, jumper intact, he was full ready to laughs loud enough to alert every man woman and child from Morcoast, his face could not be more pale, it returned quickly as he saw no one outside, he sighed, in relief, he figured fear finally overcame them, and they probably went to go pitch rock on the sea, or Daveen went to chase after young girls and dragged Luke with him, it seemed like it was more of the second of those.


" I've been meaning to cut down that tree, I am an old man,  my bones are weak and I am yet strong enough, would you cut it down for me, but old use one hand to swing" Ivan looked at the man as though he was crazy, Ivan felt a bit infuriated that he was being used for chores. " What does that have to do with teaching me how to use a sword?" his teeth grinned, maybe Deevan was right, this man is a mad man, I can't believe I got into this stupid farmers clothes, that of all seemed to make him more angry.


" Listen, or go, I will not say it again, question me once again, and I will make you leave limping" Ivan didn't think it was a false threat at all. He spent most of the rest of the light of the day, swinging madly at the tree, it was thick and too wide, he barely even reach half way and the sun was almost out of the sky. His hand pained, it ringed with pain, he could not fail already could he, he had swung the sword so much times, so hard,the sword itself was heavy, winging with one hand enough to do damage and aiming where he wanted was the most troubling, he was not sure he might of been able to do it with two hands, least one.


" Stop"  He had not noticed the old man creped up behind him, he had been watching Ivan the entire day, he didn't think the old man could stand on his feet for so long. The man moved passed him to look at the tree, full expecting the man would turn on him and beat him with the crane, he only gave a frown and a disappointed look, he looked at Ivan and Ivan felt his body tensed enough to take an arrow " You may go....return tomorrow " Ivan gave a breath of relief and stormed away, not to barn but to the river, thankfully it was close enough, to take a bath in the water, then back to the barn where he retrieved his clothes, hopefully he was not too late for the New Spring Festival.



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