This is just a collection of random poetry. It is about anything and everything, hence the title Limitless.!!!


2. The Fair

Hooray! Today is the day
That the fair will come
To town; ice cream
And candyfloss, chocolate too,
Hot dogs and burgers,
With a mushroom shoe.
Merry go round and carousel
A helter skelter accompanies
The waltzers and the house
Full of mirrors too.

I'm excited, why aren't you?

There's so much to see
And so much to do.
Magic shows, watch the clown
Feed the animals and kneel right down.

Follow me, come follow
Today is the day
When all else stops or halts
Or ends; it is the day for us
To see what a fair can be.
To have enjoyment
To have lots of fun
To be young again
And act as and how we wish.

Why look so glum
And down in the dumps
When the fair is coming to town?

It's time for celebrations and
Doing something different
So come follow me, follow
To see the wonderful fair.

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