This is just a collection of random poetry. It is about anything and everything, hence the title Limitless.!!!


19. Listen

Can you hear them
All calling to you?
I can't say why and
I can't say who
But I know one thing
They want you.

Grace turned around
And spoke to Hope.
The people were weary
And needed  a way to cope.
They were feeling forlorn
And looked at one another with nothing but scorn.

But Hope turned from Grace and.from the people,
Instead she looked at Peace.
The people want war
And this way of thinking needs to cease.
You'll be their last resort
A saviour for them not to be caught.

Peace sighed deeply
Looking down on the mass of people.
Grace couldn't help and Hope refused
So it was only she who could climb the steeple.
Up she shouted to God on high,
Peace be with you in the sky.

Then Peace returned
To complete her duty.
If she failed to save them
She would lose her beauty
But that didn't matter as much
As getting the people in touch.

When Peace had finished this successful mission
Joy came over to where she sat
And spoke of all the good she'd done
After Peace had laid the mat.
Grace and Hope came to join
But for their efforts got no coin.

And when all fours work on Earth was done
They were called to heaven above.
To Peace was granted eternal life,
Joy earned herself a turtle dove,
But to Grace and Hope came
Nothing but the granting of a new name.

And let that be a lesson
For all to learn from.
For Peace and Joy did good things
And got rewarded with so much more than a prom.
But Grace and Hope have been forgotten
Known now as nothing more than cotton.

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