A girl goes missing from her school and her friends try to track her down. This short story tells how.


3. Rescue!

“Loren! Chelsea! Help me!!” Mollie screamed as a huge, muscular man leaned towards her, pulling a knife out and placing it at her throat.

“You ain’t going nowhere, darling. Now what did I tell ya?” he drooled.

“That ……that we weren’t to tell no one what we was gonna do or where we was gonna go!” Mollie gasped desperately.

“Yeah, so ….what’s with the mates, eh? You just wanna ruin this, I knew you wouldn’t run away, go off with me to that little flat.” He slowly drew the knife away.

I took the moment to grab Mollie’s hand and pull her out of his grasp. Chelsea took her other hand and we turned and ran. As we ran I shot a look at the hideout where the guy was standing, he looked dazed.

“Oh, thank you!” Mollie slumped onto a nearby bench, “I’m so glad you came, he’s wicked. He just turned up and told me to ‘Get in the car Babes.’ which I had to do, he was so obviously drunk and in his dictator mood.

“I’m so sorry we weren’t with you to keep him away from you. Are you going to ring the police, Mollie?” Chelsea queried. “It would mean you were safe.”

“I don’t know! Does it matter? Can you take me home, I can’t face going back to school?” Mollie started to walk away, heading towards her house on the opposite side of the park.

Chelsea and I headed back towards school where Tasha would be waiting to hear the story and possibly the rest of the school.




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