A girl goes missing from her school and her friends try to track her down. This short story tells how.


2. Escape!

I stood staring out of the window, my mouth hanging open. Chelsea was shocked, we didn’t believe that Mollie could be so senseless as to get into a strangers car.

“Are you sure? This isn’t some huge drama for no reason at all, Tasha, is it?” I queried.

“No, I’d like to say it was but I can’t. Sorry!”                     

 I slipped out of my seat and peered down the corridor, searching for our teacher. There was no one in sight so I beckoned to Chelsea and darted down the corridor to the school gates. We slowed to a walk as we left the school grounds, looking right and left every few seconds, checking for a silver car or someone who looked like Mollie.

“What are we going to do? Loren, where should we look first?” Chelsea wailed miserably.

“I don’t know! Maybe we should go to………. to……….. I bet Mollie will try to distract the driver. How about we go to our hideout! I’m sure she’ll be near there. I’ve got this strong feeling telling me she’ll be there.” I rubbed my forehead, unsure if what we were doing was for the best. Surely this guy would take us as well as Mollie.

“It’s worth a try! We might as well go for it.” Chelsea grinned.

We ran all the way to the park and over to a shady area of oak trees. I clambered over the fence and helped to hoist Chelsea over. Then we cautiously approached our secret hideout.

“I hope she’s there, Loren. What if she isn’t?” Chelsea whispered.

“I don’t know. Let’s not think of that yet.” I replied softly.

As we softly tiptoed across the grass, we heard a solitary, terrifying squeal coming from the hideout. I stopped suddenly, my heart was racing and I felt frightened. What were we going to do?

Chelsea led the way to the entrance where we stood, waiting.

“Go!!” Chelsea whispered, charging forward into the secret hideout. I followed her, butterflies flitting about in my stomach.

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