Did You Miss Me?

Moriarty is back. Suspicion fills Sherlock's mind when they come into contact with another Moriarty. Not Jim. Alexa. The good side of Moriarty's family. When the boys get to attached to her, and Moriarty comes after her, what will Sherlock and John do to protect the girl they've both come to care for?


5. Client

John answered the door. Stood on the doorstep was a young woman, about 25, shaken and beaten just about to ring the doorbell again.

“Hey, hey come in, come and sit in the kitchen I’ll clean you up a bit.” He said guiding her into the hallway before checking to see if he could see the person who did this. “Sherlock get the first aid kit!” he led her up the stairs while he could hear Sherlock fumbling in the kitchen for the first aid kit.

“What happened?” Sherlock asked the woman after she had calmed down and John had cleaned her wounds. She was sat in John’s chair while he sat on the sofa and Sherlock drank tea sitting in his chair.

“I was just walking down the street, just down here and this man jumped on my and attacked me, so I pretended to pass out, and he left, but not before leaving this in my pocket.” She pulled out a little white piece of paper. Sherlock took it and read it aloud.

“Kind regards. M.” he sighed. “I know exactly who did this. But were going to take you to Barts so you can be properly checked over, you’ll be safe there, and I’m sure we can get Lestrade to put some officers out.” Sherlock smiled gently, offering her his hand.

Ever since he had taken in Alexa, even though she wasn’t here, he had completely softened up. She took his hand and he led her downstairs and into a cab, John following close behind. Once at Barts, he called Lestrade requesting an officer to escort a woman home so Sherlock could continue on the case with Moriarty.

“Oh, you might want to go and get Alexa from the ward, she can leave today, I just had a phone call.” Lestrade said before hanging up. John smiled and led Sherlock to the ward where Alexa was waiting for them.

“We hope you like your room, its pretty simple but you can do whatever you like in there.” Sherlock said. “And we’ll take you shopping after lunch for some clothes. I will pay.” Alexa smiled gratefully.

Mrs Hudson had made sandwiches for the three of them, with tea and juice. And Alexa was already comfortable around Sherlock and John, and could see that she would be happy and safe in 221B Baker Street away from her ‘Consulting Criminal’ father.

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