The Police Officer...

Hello! So I am new at this so please no hate. All the bad things that happens in this story have nothing to do with either I like them or not. So read if you want to or stop it right ere if this sounds beyond boring. Bye loves��


2. What happened..?

*Y/n point of view*

I was walking through the school doors and of course the leader of the cheerleading team, Stacy had to comment my clothes

Stacy: Ew! Look at her. She looks like a garbage can! Watch where you walk slut!

I ignored her and just kept walking. Even tho I had been bullied since 1th grade it still hurt everytime. I grabbed my books from my locker and went to my first class. English. Ugh, just kill me. I went in and sat down at my usual spot. Near the window away from the bullies. Our teacher Mr. Michaelsen came in, but there was a police officer behind him.

Mr. Michaelsen: Hello students. As you all know there has been some troubles. Some things has been stolen and we had to say goodbye to our lovely secretary. Police officer McCann is here to find out what happened. Y/n, I need you to grab your things and go with the police officer.

Stacy: I know what happened! Isn't the secretary Y/n's mom?

Stacy said and the whole class and laughed at me while she pointed at me. I took my books and ran out from class. I ran to the girls bathroom and dropped my books. I sat against the wall and let myself fall to the floor in tears. You see, our secretary was my mom.. That's why i am crying. I sat there crying when I heard a voice.

McCann: Miss, are you okay? Why did you ran away? I am sorry to hear about your mother. I am here to find out what happened. Please talk to me.

Me: Just leave me alone. It's none of your business.

McCann: I believe it is. Since I am an officer I have the right to know what's going on.

I stood up and looked at him

Me: She was my mom and now she's dead! You saw what happened in class, so why do you ask such a stupid question?! Now you know, can you just please leave me the fuck alone? It's enough that I get bullied, I don't need a fucking officer getting on my nerves too!

I yelled at him and ran out of the school to the cemetery where my mother was buried last night. . I know, why did I yell at him? I am just so tired of people always getting on my case and telling me what to do and blaming me for everything. I arrived at the cemetery and just walked around looking. I then heard something.

McCann: You can run, but you can't hide.

I turned around and there he was.

Me: What are you doing here and what do you mean by that?

McCann: Do you believe in the supernatural?

Me: Yes, why?

He took a step closer to me and opened his mouth. At that point I was scared to death. I could slowly see his tears getting sharper.

Me: W-what are you...?

I asked as I took a step back.

McCann: Your worst nightmare baby.

After he said that, everything went black.

Cliffhanger! Sorry but I had too! Don't hate me. Haha😂 Love you loves!😘

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