What Might Have Been: A Harry Potter Fanfiction {Sequel to What If}

Sanashta Snape is not a fan of dimension-hopping, but when your changeling friend is in immeasurable danger, what're you gonna do? (Takes place right after the epilogue of What If)


2. S.O.S

Sasha stared at the murky waters that separated the Place that Might Have Been from the Place that Is. She did not like moving between the two dimensions. She'd only done it a couple of times, to meet Little Kaia and Little Sirius when they were born. For citizens of the Place that Might Have Been, the process of diving into the water and entering the Place that Is is a very painful experience that very few repeat.

"Where are you going?"

Sasha jumped a little when she realized that Helen had followed her. "The Place that Is." she replied.


Helen had not aged since she reached age 11, so she was quite naive and immature at times. Sasha sighed heavily before replying, "Meadow's in danger and I need to help."

Helen liked Meadow, but was not nearly as close to her as Sasha was. "Why would you want to help a Person that Is?"

"Helen, if I don't help her she's going to die." Sasha was becoming exasperated quickly, and her temper teetered on edge, ready to explode - like a Mento teetering on the edge of a bottle of diet cola.

"Oh." her younger friend sounded more bored than worried. "What's going to kill her?"

"Someone's after her unborn child. I need to go help her, make sure she doesn't get killed."

"Who on EARTH would be after an unborn baby that is basically a bundle of random cells right now?" Helen, like the others, knew of people that may or may not become - she was stronger in her senses, however, and was the first to know of when Meadow (A/N: MEADOW...) was impregnated six days before.

"Someone jealous, I guess." Sasha was getting tired of answering the questions. "All I know is that a friend needs my help, and I'm going to help her."

"Noble." Helen rolled her eyes. "Well, I'm coming with you."

Before Sasha could object, Helen had already dove under the surface like the impatient hothead she was.

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