What Might Have Been: A Harry Potter Fanfiction {Sequel to What If}

Sanashta Snape is not a fan of dimension-hopping, but when your changeling friend is in immeasurable danger, what're you gonna do? (Takes place right after the epilogue of What If)


3. King's Cross

"The air is really murky here." Helen whined.

"You're used to the clean stuff we have at home. You'll get used to it." Sasha was equally as annoyed, but she'd been to the Place that Is enough times to ignore it. "Besides, you should've thought of that before following me."

Helen was obviously ignoring her, looking around in wonder at all the colors, enjoying the smells, being hypnotized by the sights. Sasha smiled. She'd been the same way the first time. She only wished Helen was seeing something more lovely than a train station her first time around.

"It's different." Helen finally stated.

"A good different?"

"I don't know. I love how there's more than just whiteness, but the atmosphere is so much different."

It finally occurred to Sasha how very out-of-place the two half-sisters must look, with their long white robes and gowns, pale skin, and the naive way they were looking around. "We might have to get some real clothes."

"These are real clothes!" The girl protested.

"To us, maybe, but look at the stares we're getting." Sasha sighed. Sure enough, everyone the girls passed was staring at them in wonder . . . some a good wonder, others a who-are-these-loons wonder.

"Fine. Where's Meadow?"

"I'm hoping she's still in Platform Nine and Three Quarters." Sasha replied. "But the train left fifteen minutes ago, so we might have missed her."

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