The truth hidden beneath the tatoos

Each tattoo has a story. Each of his tattoo stories has a fight behind them. Each fight he had with his lovely girlfriend (Girls name). She put up with his ups and downs. Every down there was a fight. Every fight there was a tattoo. After she broke up with him, he is here to tell the story of the tattoos. And ask her for her back on national TV.


1. Broken Glass Fragments

Chole's POV--

"God damn it Chole!" He roared across the room, gabbing everything and anything that he could reach and throwing it at me. "I told you we where not going to talk about this anymore!"

A picture frame landed face down at my feet. Reaching from my crouched position to see what one it was. Seeing that it was the picture of us that was taken on our first date. His arm slung over my shoulder in a protective yet adorable way. Ever since the day we first encountered each other he has been oddly protective. I guess that it was that I was his sisters best friend, and she told him that if I was hurt she would... well we aren't going to go there. Gemma was quite protective too. I guess the whole Styles family was to some extent. When I picked up the frame glass fragments fell to the floor leaving a torn picture in a frame. My favorite picture of us was now cut and torn due to the broken glass. Shaking my head, attempting to hold back the tears I stand up.

"Why Harry?" I cry. "Why do you have to ruin everything?" Clutching the frame to my chest waiting for my answer. "WHY?" I shout.

"Me? I ruined everything?" He yelled back trowing a few more things. I couldn't see through my tears to see what it was but I heard it crash some place. "If you would have been home on time I wouldn't be so pissed!!"

"I was half an hour late,  yes, but Harry, I called you telling you that traffic was crappy and I wouldn't be home in time for the dinner, well I tried to but you didn't pick up your damn phone." 

"So your saying  that this is all my fault?"

"That is not what I am saying, I am just saying that you are over reacting over all of this!"

"I am not over reacting!"

"Whatever Harry, I am done. Have a good damn life, I am out of here." I yell, throwing the frame back to him and running to the master bedroom.

Locking the door behind me I began packing. Everything went in bags and the bags were thrown on the floor when they where full. Harry was pounding at my door the whole time telling me how stupid I am being, that I can't run away from my problems, and lastly, how much he loves me (once he started to calm down). The whole time I ignored him and kept packing. Once I was done he was just there, no longer pounding on the door, just there still saying how much he loved me. Quietly unlocking the door I grabbed all my things and turned to the window. hopping out I touched ground and began moving. Putting all my things in the trunk of my car I slammed it shut and opened the passenger door I climbed in. Looking to the house again I put the keys in the ignition and drove off. Watching the house slowly grow smaller and smaller until it was just a little dot in the horizon. What I left behind is history. What I left behind is no longer mine.


Harry's POV--

When I heard the door click I expected her to walk out with puffy red eyes and climb into my lap as I cooed to her how sorry I am and how badly I screwed up this time. Sitting there I waited for a moment until I heard something like a car door slam. Getting up to see what it was I open the door and run to the open window. Watching her as she looks back, to the house, to were I am, but she does not see me, or at least does not react to me in the window. Maybe she is just taking a drive. I try to reassure my self. Reaching for something of hers that smells like she does I find nothing. Nothing of hers that is. Although I do see the shirt and sweats that she loves to wear so much folded neatly on the bed. Those will have to do I guess. Smelling them a rush of memories flashes back to me. Like the first time she put them on.


Flash Back

"Babe these are a bit too big." She called from the bathroom where she was changing to spend the night.

"It'll be fine, you look good no matter what you wear." I replied laying in my big bed with only a pair of sweats on, playing temple run 2 on my phone.

"Ok." I hear the door open but don't look up right away. "What do you think?" She asks timidly. Glancing up I see that the shirt is hanging perfectly over her curves, even if it did go practically half way down her thighs. After glancing to my phone to ensure my runner stays alive, I do a double take. The sweat pants are covering her small feet and are about to fall down her tinny waist until she pulled them up.

"Wow." Is all I can say. Pausing the game I sit up and pat the bed. "You look great." She blushes and, just as timidly as she spoke, walks over to the bed laying under the covers next to me. Turning off my phone I set it on my bedside and reached for the TV remote. Flipping through the channels I search for a good movie.

"That one!" She squealed. Looking at the title and I groan. I swear we have seen this movie a thousand times and it isn't funny anymore, but since she loves it so much I will sit though it.

Almost a sleep I hear her giggle and listen. "I am the best singer in Tasmania with teeth." She giggled again and I fell asleep thinking about the way she looks with my shirt and sweat pants on.

End Of Flash Back


Setting the clothes down I think again to the time when that short soaked up all the tears that a fight with her mother created, the un seen mascara stains, on the black T-Shirt, that stretched across the shirt. That was the first time that I saw her cry. Man did she cry. It was about two hours of her sobs and my whispers. Two hours that I spent holding the crying girl that I could no longer call mine. She didn't want to be a part of my life and I had to respect that. No matter how much I wanted to go after her.



For weeks I stayed home talking and eating as little as possible, but drinking and smoking as much as I could. Although it was not like me it got her image out of my mind, even if for a short while, it was worth the time that I was not wishing to run after her. As soon as her crazy, beautiful, perfect picture came to mind a bottle of Jack Daniels was in my hand and the liquor was rushing down my throat. This was my way to try and forget what I lost, the one person who kept my life in tact, the only person who I have ever loved more than life it's self. I had to let my love for her out of my grasps, she had moved on and it was time for me to. Yes, just weeks later she has moved on to someone else. He looks oddly familiar to. Who ever he is I had to show her how I love her more than he ever will, and I had to think of something fast, before I am wrong.

That is when I came up with the perfect idea, and I needed the fans to help me.




So, according to every news station I am dating my cousin now. Thats cool. Apparently I am over Harry when in reality I couldn't be further from over him. The truth is that Aaron was back in town and we decided to meet at his favorite restaurant down town. When we were there some angry paps came around and snapped some pictures. They only caught me smiling because Aaron had that effect on people, no matter how bad of a day you are having or how much you wish you could crawl into the covers and never come out, he will always make you smile.

The news people had it wrong but I don't have the energy to correct them right now. Switching from the news channel to another, I snuggle deeper into the covers wishing that this King bed had some one here to share it with me, I wish that Harry was here and we where cuddling. I wish that I could have just worked it out with him. I wish I was still his.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey guys! I hope you all liked it. Especially you Glacier Ice (Chole). If there is ever a point where you want something put into the story or something taken out of the story, just let me know.

Also I am sorry it took me this long to get this story out, I have been really busy with some of my other imagines, and I am working on getting even more published.

So any ways, comment anything at all. Let me know what you think, if you like it, if you don't (and why so I can change that), any questions for me, questions for the characters, or anything that you just want to put out there, (just keep it pg-13(if it goes over pg-13 I can and will delete the comment)) any ways, comment.

Love you all!!

(Don't for get to comment)

Callie xox


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