The Amulet

It was simple. We were on a boat and then we weren't. I remember how excited we were to see what was on the other side; that happy, innocent girl, she's gone now.


6. The Silver Fish

Back at the campsite Thrace, Robin, Jake, and I began gutting several of the newly caught fish for dinner. The fire was burning well, and we were all quite warm, huddled together with our fish, beside the blue flames of the driftwood fire. 

"I'm gonna go take a look at that fish I caught earlier." I calmly announced. "I'll come too." Thrace said, jumping up from his small tree stump chair, "My butt was going numb anyway." He laughed. With Thrace close behind me, I did my best not to run to the improvised basket that we'd made to store the captured fish. The second it was before me I fell to my knees in the soft sand, Thrace standing to my left, curiosity riddled in his eyes, he was no doubt wondering why I was so excited about fish. I dug down into the pile of fish, looking for the one I was yet to explain, the one that had had me desperate to catch, desperate to understand. Upon finding the special fish, Thrace asked me,

"So, why exactly were you so determined to catch this one fish, and why are you so excited about digging it out? You know that now you smell like fish again, and you can't shower till there's light, right?" I just grinned at him, and held out the fish so that he could see it clearly. 

"Oh, wow. What is that?" he asked, his eyes wide with curiosity. 

"I honestly have no idea, but it looks like it's coming from inside the fish. I was going to see if I could uncover whatever it is, and maybe guess at how it got into this fish." I explained to him. This earned me an impressed nod from Thrace, and with a hand on my shoulder he said, "Let's get this to the pit, and we'll find out just what this thing is." Rising, we both shuffled through the sand to the pit. The pit was just a deep hole in the sand that we'd dug up and reinforced, somewhere we could ditch rubbish and the waste from the fish. 

At the pit Thrace pulled his knife from its make-shift sheath and asked me to hold the fish still and steady as he cut into it. Having split the fish open, Thrace reached into the flesh, pulling a sour face at me, and as he withdrew his hand, we both watched a steady string of gold follow after whatever was hidden by his closed fist. Dropping the remains of the fish into the pit, I threw Thrace a probing look, willing him to open his fist and reveal what the fish had held inside itself. Opening his fist, in the manner of a terribly made slow motion scene right out of the worst movie you've ever seen, he revealed an amulet. It had a gem of deep red, most likely a ruby or something similar, and had a bezel made of what appeared to be black steel but very well could have been something more precious such as Zirconium. It was, needless to say, absolutely beautiful, and on top of its beauty it was glowing, as though filled with some sort of magic unknown to man. 

I took a deep breath, and Thrace frowned. Thrace never did like things he didn't understand, but I wasn't going to disregard the beautiful piece. I slipped the chain over my head, and sighed deeply as it settled just under my collar bones. Thrace was fidgeting with his hands, a nervous twitch that he'd had since I'd met him. "What?" I asked, placing my hand on my hip and flipping my hair with a sassy flick of my wrist. "Don't you like it?" I giggled. He rolled his eyes, "I just pulled that out of a fish. It's beautiful, and so, so gross." He smirked. 

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