The Amulet

It was simple. We were on a boat and then we weren't. I remember how excited we were to see what was on the other side; that happy, innocent girl, she's gone now.


1. The Prologue

We ran through the woods, the screams of the beast following after us. We weren't going to make it. The forest seemed to come alive as we ran, the trees whispered in the wind, their leaves shaking, as though they would stand up and simply walk away. The screams had stopped, but we ran ever faster. Knowing it was behind us, knowing I had everything to lose, I stopped and drew my bow.

"Keep running, don't stop for any reason!"

I screamed as they started to stop to get me. Thrace looked me over, realized there was nothing he could say and shouted

"Move on everyone, he's behind us!"

I reached back, drawing a deep breath and steadying my hand. I had one shot, one shot to save my friends, to save my people, this hunt wasn't going to stop till the hunter or the hunted were dead. The hunted weren't going to die today, not if I had any say in it. The leaves shook, the ground trembled and the creature, the escarum ave ferre burst from the lush of the forest greenery. I let the arrow fly from the bow and spun, my hair whipping against my face as I ran from the massive creature...

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