The Amulet

It was simple. We were on a boat and then we weren't. I remember how excited we were to see what was on the other side; that happy, innocent girl, she's gone now.


4. The Found

Scarlett was moving quickly along the beach collecting drift wood, scattered by the high tide. Robin and Thrace had gone back along the beach the way we came to look for any debris from our ship, and for any kinds of fruit on the outskirts of the forest.  I sat alone, going through our backpacks which, miraculously, had made it through the wreck and stayed on us all this time. I counted six knives, four shirts, ten pieces of surprisingly dry bread, three bottles of water and a book. A book? I opened it, hoping it was something of use, like how to build a fire or which fruits to eat or not to eat. I opened it to the first page and to my dismay it wasn't english, it wasn't any language I recognised. I flipped quickly through another few pages, finding that it was all in the same strange script, I went through the whole book before dropping it in the sand in disgust. That was a waste of time, now if only I knew what to do with myself. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thrace's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"Is she asleep again?" I whispered to Robin, who was holding a couple of logs of drift wood. Dropping in the sand she nodded, she dropped the three backpacks from her shoulders and plunked herself down in the sand alongside them. We were all weary and my equilibrium was completely thrown off. So much had happened and we were yet to truly react to our situation. Scarlett waved at us, carrying what appearing to be two large leaves, full of berries and little fruits, she sauntered over to us and smiled softly. "Look what I made... and found I suppose I should say." She looked so calm, so collected. It was almost scary. I moved over to Rayne, sitting softly in the sand, pulling her carefully into my arms, I pulled her hair  from her face and neck, thinking about her announcement on the boat. I felt almost starstruck when I thought about how this amazing woman loved me, it was a revelation for me; I had had a crush on her for years and now, to find out she loved me, I felt as though I'd been chucked into a vortex and left to sit there, my brain completely off balance with the rest of my being. "Oh my god!" Scarlett cried out, throwing the wood she'd collected into the sand, she began running across the cool, white sand of the beach towards four figures moving towards us, they were far in the distance but there bodily shape gave insight into their gender, four men by the looks of it. "Is that? It couldn't be them." Robin gasped, rather in shock she got up and began moving towards the figures but to Scarlett's side she first sprinted.

I shook Rayne gently, whispering to wake up, the wind had picked up ever so slightly and it was getting cold; not only did we have to worry about shelter but we now had troubles with the amount of food we had available to us. 

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