The Amulet

It was simple. We were on a boat and then we weren't. I remember how excited we were to see what was on the other side; that happy, innocent girl, she's gone now.


5. The Forest

I woke slowly, snuggling into Thrace's arms a little. "They found us." He said quietly, pushing some hair from my face. I sat up so quickly then, that I fell straight back down, tears building in my eyes at the sharp pains in my back and my head. "Where are they?" I choked out, my breathing was heavy and rasping, it felt as though someone had run sandpaper along the inside of my throat whilst I was sleeping. Thrace slipped his arm around me and helped me to sit up straight, letting me lean into him, using his strong frame to support myself. He said softly, his eyes alight in amusement, "Careful now, you wouldn't want to welcome them to our little campsite with a broken back, now would you?" He opened a bag with one hand and pulled out a bottle of water, it was probably pretty warm, and we had no idea if we could still safely drink it, but the risk was worth the chance that the shooting pains down my throat would disperse. I sipped the  water at first, careful not to waste any, but as soon as it began to trickle down my throat I moaned in greedy pleasure, gulping down nearly three full quarters of the bottled water. Thrace looked generally amused as I handed him the near empty bottle of water, and as he slipped it back into the bag he smirked at me and said "Thirsty little thing, aren't you?" I burst out laughing at the unexpected humour, and soon enough he was laughing along with me, enjoying the carefree nature of the joke, when we were so stressed felt amazing, like a weight being lifted off of my shoulders.

Jake, Cameron, Keelan and Denver had Scarlett and Robin dancing around them, gleefully prancing around them, singing off-key and out of tune about how happy they were to have found the boys. I stood up slowly, having to put my hands on my knees and bend over as I struggled to catch my breath. It was daunting to think that I'd slept for so long when the others had clearly needed help, I could have been gathering wood, cooking fish, building shelter, or even looking for debris, but instead I slept despite that it was my fault we were here in this situation. I turned slowly to Thrace, grateful for the slight, cold breeze causing my hair to fly from the back of my neck and off of my back. "Do we have any meat or fish?" I questioned him, curious as to what they'd gotten up to whilst I wasted precious time. "We have no meat, or fish. Where would we have gotten meat from?" He asked, giving me a quizzical look, as though maybe I'd hit my head really hard when the ship went down. I didn't know what to say, my head was swimming with solutions, problems, questions and god knows what else. I grabbed a stick of about 1.524m and grabbed a knife, using it to sharpen one end of the stick. "What on earth are you doing?" Thrace asked me, looking worried now, all trace of amusement had left his face and now his familiar 'Older Brother' face was back. "Going fishing. Care to join me?" I asked him, glancing over my shoulder for only a second before turning back to my newly carved spear. I decided I would decorate it if I could find time, and supplies. I set off towards the water, silently hoping that Trace would follow me and declare me crazy but help me anyway, just like he used to do back home. "Hey, wait up!" He called out, jogging towards me with a spear in hand, "I couldn't let you do something stupid on your own. What if there are sharks or carnivorous fish or something equally as dangerous?" He asked, as he chuckled at the last part of his own joke. I smiled and begun the hunt for fish. 


It had shimmering silver scales and was lightning quick, it also appeared to have some object tied around it. I hadn't been fast enough to spear it during my first five attempts but now I was focused and knew that this was my only chance left before Thrace dragged me back to camp, insisting we had enough fish and didn't need the sparkly shimmery one. I looked down at the fish and took in a deep breathe, I pulled my arm back and shot the spear into the water, and straight through the odd fish. I pulled the spear from the water, fishy prize in tow and made my way back to Thrace who stood at the shore, counting our bounty. "This was actually a brilliant idea Rayne... We have enough fish to last us till tomorrow morning!" Thrace grinned wide, his eyes lighting up with pride. He had the same look on his face that I'd seen time and time again, pride in my achievements, it was like the time I'd aced that maths exam, or the time I won the leadership medal, he was always there, by my side supporting me.


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