The Amulet

It was simple. We were on a boat and then we weren't. I remember how excited we were to see what was on the other side; that happy, innocent girl, she's gone now.


3. The Edge

I blinked hard, my right hand moving to shelter my eyes from the harsh sunlight, trying to look ahead, to keep up with Scarlett and Robin who, a metre ahead of me, where speeding up and leaving me behind. I was dehydrated and dizzy, as was everyone else, but we couldn't leave Jake Denver, Cameron and Keelan to fend for themselves. I closed my eyes for a moment and thought, What if we never find them? NO. I banished the thought from my head and kept walking forwards, slipping off of my forehead and down into the hot, white sand. 

We'd been scaling the beach for what felt like hours, I could barely breathe, the air felt thick and my head was spinning, like a turning top on a marble floor. I wanted nothing more than to find them and sit with Thrace, talk to him, find out if he'd heard my declaration. If he knew now, what I'd been keeping secret forever. I had no idea how, when or if we would ever find Jake and Keelan; I kept justifying my lack of interest in going off and finding them by saying, hey at least they have each other right? The truth is they probably don't and are both lost somewhere in the forest that seemed to go on forever, or on the mountains I could see in the far distance. Where were we? This was a question I hadn't even begun to ponder yet, I wasn't sure I wanted the answer. 


I was starting to trip and stumble a lot, unable to hold myself up for more than 5 minutes at a time, when I felt a hand slip into mine. I looked at my hand, wrapped around it was another hand, it was soft, slightly larger then mine and slightly tanned. I traced the arm up to the shoulder and from there to his face, Trace was holding my hand and saying something, what he was saying I'm not quite sure, I was starting to see black splotches, adhering my vision. All of a sudden I felt weightless and like I was flying, it felt good. Trace had me in his arms and was catching up to Scarlett and Robin rather quickly.

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