The Amulet

It was simple. We were on a boat and then we weren't. I remember how excited we were to see what was on the other side; that happy, innocent girl, she's gone now.


2. The Beginning

We laughed as we climbed aboard the ship, to travel into the Bermuda Triangle on purpose was unheard of. That's where we're going, straight into the middle of the triangle. We'd packed enough food to keep us going for a month or two and we had weapons just incase something hostile lurked in the Triangle. There are nine of us on this expedition, Rayne (me), Robin, Scarlett, Jamie, Thrace, Denver, Jake, Cameron and Keelan. Five guys, four girls. I was hard-pressed to find companions for this trip as the likelihood of us coming back was slim. Anyways, Robin and Scarlett were at it again, snogging each others' faces off. I rolled my eyes and moved up front to where Thrace stood, his features crumpled with worry.

"Hey, it'll be fine."

I said standing beside him and looking up at the boy whom I'd watched become a man. "Maybe, you have nothing to lose. I have- nevermind. I know you're optimistic about this but I have a feeling we're going to lose someone or something." He said walking away from me. He'd been acting up a lot lately, not looking at me or so much as saying hi. He had no clue, but I was at fault, I had everything to lose. Everyone on this boat was mine to protect, especially Thrace. I've had a crush on him since we were 7 but he'd never like me like that. 

                                                                                          *5 hours later*

"Everyone get under deck! We're headed towards a storm. We're gonna pass through the triangle in THREE-TWO-ONE!"

I yelled as lighting struck the violent waves around us. I stayed atop the deck, my mind and body focused on steering the boat.

"Holy shit."

I heard Thrace whisper from behind me.


I yelled as I realized what Thrace had seen.


He yelled defiantly. I looked ahead to the swirling grey tornado-whirlpool combination in front of us, it looked as though it just kept going up and up and up, never ending. I realized too late that the current was pulling us toward the monstrosity and that we had seconds before we collided. I hugged him and said

"I love you Thrace." hoping he heard me. 

When I woke up I was sprawled out on a long plane of sand. I sat up slowly, each bodily pain immediately making itself known, and looked around seeing ocean and wreckage and THRACE! I got up as quick as I could and started to run towards him. Of course, considering all that had just happened, I fell face-first into the sand. I got up not caring that I probably looked like shit and moved, slowly this time, towards Thrace; I fell to the sand beside him and whispered

"Thrace, can you hear me? Thrace, please, I need you." ,

I watched him looking for any signs of movement and out of the corner of my eye I saw his eyelids flutter.

"THRACE!" I yelled, "I thought you were- that you- that I- You're alive!"

It took a while to help Thrace up and get him moving again. As soon as he was mobile again I suggested we go look for the others, and seeing as he didn't disagree... We'd been looking for less than ten minutes when we found Robin, Scarlett, Jamie and Cameron; They had all found each other and furthermore been looking for us. Of course that left only Keelan, Cameron, Denver and Jake.  

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