This story is about a young caster who just discovered he is a full-blooded caster at Maravilla high school. Which then ends up with new friends at Maravilla High School.


1. My Story

This story begins when I first arrive in Pennsylvania,Salinas which the town is named after my ancestors who fought and died in Pennsylvania on August 29, 1864 this battle is called the bloodiest "blood bath Salinas" because their was a lot of blood shed in Salinas. So many historians do not know way so many lives were lost on both sides but they keep finding bones that are still covered in their uniforms. As for my family does not know what has happened to my great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great, Grandfathers during "blood bath Salinas"  although both my grandfathers fought on opposing sides they died in battle together in Pennsylvania.

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