Be Save

This is the story from Marlene and Uriah starting from after Jeanine controlled all of the Dauntless as an army. Uriah realizes he's in love with Marlene.

*Insurgent and Allegiant spoilers*


5. Together

Marlene looks at me, she’s smiling. 
“Marlene? Is that you?”, I ask almost not believing it.
“Uriah!”, tears start to stream down her face while she runs into my arms. Holding onto me so tight that I can barely breathe.
“Marlene oh my God… I love you. I love you.”, I whisper stroking her hair. I see her smile again and it just lights up my world.
“I love you too.”
“I am dead right?”
“Yes. But we’re together, that’s all that matters.”
“It is. At least we are both safe now. Together.”

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