Be Save

This is the story from Marlene and Uriah starting from after Jeanine controlled all of the Dauntless as an army. Uriah realizes he's in love with Marlene.

*Insurgent and Allegiant spoilers*


2. The Horrible Truth

We stand in front of the girls dormitory, Marlene and I. It has been a long day. Everything changed since Tris and Four came back. I can feel the pressure of war again. I still manage to wear my goofy smile for Marlene, trying not to worry her with my messy thoughts about war.
“I love you Marlene, good night.”, I tell her smiling that smile. She smiles as well and hugs me while standing on her toes. 
“I love you too. Sweet dreams! I’ll see you tomorrow.”, she kisses me softly on my cheek. I can’t help it but smile some more.
“Be safe tonight.”, I tell her, looking a bit more serious now.
“I will be. You too. Be safe.”
I kiss her one last time and then walk away, waving.

That morning I wake up by the talking of some boys in the dormitory. I hear the words “Divergent” and “Dead” escape their mouths. I jump out of my bed, something happened… I can feel it.
Exactly at that moment Four and my brother Zeke enter the room. They look at me and whisper something. I frown and rush over to them.
“What happened?”, I demand an answer. This is bad. This is really bad. Maybe another war has started.
“An innocent person was killed last night. She was under memory serum, together with two others. One of them left us the message that we need to sacrifice Divergent people or more people will die.”
My eyes widen. “Oh my… That’s horrible.”
“Tris and Christina both managed to save one of the three people who were under the serum.”
“Glad we have Tris and Christina.”, I say honestly.
“Yea.”, Four says while he smiles sadly.
Zeke doesn’t smile at all, he just stares at the wall.
“Who died?”, I ask curiously, hoping it’s not someone I know.
“Uriah… I…”, Zeke starts but he stops talking.
Suddenly a paralyzing fear goes through my body. Marlene. No. Anyone but her. Not Marlene.
“Who?!”, I hopefully glance at Four, my old instructor.
“Marlene… I’m sorry Uriah.”

My whole world feels like it’s falling apart. “No! No she told me she would be safe! It’s a lie!”, I scream feeling anger and sadness as a mix in my head. I feel something wet on my cheeks and just know it are my tears. “She must be safe. She promised me!”
“She is safe now, up there.”, Four says in a try to calm me down.
“Oh shut up! She’s gone Four. Gone. Forever.”
“You’ll meet her aga-”
I’m not listening anymore. I close myself for the world around me. Marlene, the love of my life, the girl with the sweet smile, she’s gone. Just gone. I will never get to see her again, or hold her, or kiss her. Why couldn’t I have got one more moment with her? A chance to say goodbye… 
I replay the last words she said to me in my head. “I will be. You too. Be safe.” I can’t do it anymore. There’s no need to be safe anymore. Without Marlene, I have nothing to live for. 

Because my life, has just died.


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