Be Save

This is the story from Marlene and Uriah starting from after Jeanine controlled all of the Dauntless as an army. Uriah realizes he's in love with Marlene.

*Insurgent and Allegiant spoilers*


3. "Dear Marlene,"

Another empty morning without her smile passes, my heart still feels shattered. I grab a pen out of my pocket and grab a torn piece of paper. I’ve been carrying this with me since her death. Whenever I feel the urge to talk to her, I just write to her. I write about everything that has happened and how much I miss her. I put the pen on the paper and sigh deeply.

‘Dear Marlene,

Life sucks down here. I hope it’s better up there. Today Tris has apparently left us to go to the Erudite headquarters. She broke her promise to Tobias, and he’s going to try to save her now. So yea, like I told you, life sucks. 
I miss you Marlene… I wish we could talk again. That I could shoot a muffin of your head like we used to do. My love, Four was right. We will meet each other again. I don’t know how long it will take, but we will. And then I will tell you everything I’m writing right now in person. I promise.

Be safe.



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