My Best friend💙

Cassidy and Nash have been best friends since they we're baby's and now their both 18. Nash has recently become a internet sensation and he gets a lot of attention, he's done tv interviews and he does this tour called magcon were a bunch a viners meet their fans but as for me it's complicated and I'll tell you why...


6. why would you do this

A/N Okay so when I say trackies I mean sweatpants! So I'll put sweatpants from now on:) Also it's my birthday soon so if I get a laptop a bunch of new chapters will come out because it's hard to write on an ipad:)

Cassidy's Pov

I have been crying for at least 2 hours and now I'm just sat on a park bench with my head tucked in my knees. How could nash do this to me? Doesn't he trust me? A bunch of stuff was going through my head right now and my face was cold because the wind had dried up my tears on my face and I had a cold so my nose was red too.. I was a hot mess!

Nash's pov

After Cassidy ran out of the house I felt terrible but I could run after her since I was still with alyssa at my house so it was awkward. After 2 hours alyssa said she had to go home so I watched her walk away and once she was far away I ran down the road to try and find Cassidy.

And then I saw her...


Cassidy's pov

I was looking up at the sky just thinking when I heard someone shout my name..


I immediately shot up and looked around when I come face to face with person I really don't want to speak to right now.

Cassidy: *groans* what do you want

Nash: please forgive me Cassidy! It was my first real relationship and she didn't want any of her fans to find out yet

I burst into a fit of laughter

Cassidy: you. Think. I'm. A. Fan. Of. Her!?.

I said in between laughs

Nash: well you might have been?

Cassidy: you could of asked me!

Nash: well yeah there is that

Cassidy: listen nash, clearly you don't trust me so lets just call it a day and stop talking to each other.

I barged past him walking away to my house. I knew he was watching me walk away but that just gives me more of an excuse to strut my stuff while walking away.. Casually though.

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