My Best friend💙

Cassidy and Nash have been best friends since they we're baby's and now their both 18. Nash has recently become a internet sensation and he gets a lot of attention, he's done tv interviews and he does this tour called magcon were a bunch a viners meet their fans but as for me it's complicated and I'll tell you why...


7. those days

Nash's Pov:

I'm devastated my best friend doesn't want to be best fiends anymore and stop talking to each other! It's like my world is collapsing around me. I ran home and once I got there I stormed to my room slamming it behind me. I ran to my bed and cried into my pillow so what if I'm a boy she's my best friend and I love her yes I'm with Alyssa but Cassidy is my first love and now we don't even speak


I looked over to my bedside table and grabbed my phone.

~1 New Message~

I unlocked my phone to reveal a text from Alyssa.

Alyssa: hey boo! Do you want to hang out later?

I hate the word boo but whatever.

Nash: yeah sure! Meet you at the beach in 10?

Alyssa: Perfect😘

I unlocked my phone and headed to the bathroom and looked the mirror. I ha blood shot eyes and my hair looks like I just got ran over my an angry mob. I washed my face and fixed my hair. I walked out the house and got in my car and drove to the beach to meet Alyssa..

A/N oo what's going to happen! I love reading you're comments they mean a lot! Sorry I haven't been updating but I just uploaded 3 chapters so yay!

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