My Best friend💙

Cassidy and Nash have been best friends since they we're baby's and now their both 18. Nash has recently become a internet sensation and he gets a lot of attention, he's done tv interviews and he does this tour called magcon were a bunch a viners meet their fans but as for me it's complicated and I'll tell you why...


1. the beginning

Hi, I'm Cassidy Jones!

I'm 15 years old and I have brown hair and blue eyes! My hair goes down to my butt and it's wavy. I'm skinny but not Boney but I'm also not chubby. I'm head cheerleader and I go out with the captain of the football team. His name is Dylan and to be honest with you.. I don't really like him but you see if you're the captain of the cheerleading team there's this pressure for you to go out with the captain of the football team. No one knows I don't like him not even my best friend.. My best friend is Nash Grier and I can tell him EVERYTHING but not this because he treys like a princess and if I'm unhappy he won't stop going on about how I should dump him but he doesn't understand. No one really does to be honest.. So I keep it to my self. You're also probably wondering why I don't like Dylan well it's because he's a jerk! He's mean to people in the school hallways and he's always trying to do stuff with me that I don't want to do and if I don't don't he gets angry with me but he's never hurt me so that's good I guess.. But anyway I'm Cassidy jones and you're reading my story.

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