My Best friend💙

Cassidy and Nash have been best friends since they we're baby's and now their both 18. Nash has recently become a internet sensation and he gets a lot of attention, he's done tv interviews and he does this tour called magcon were a bunch a viners meet their fans but as for me it's complicated and I'll tell you why...


4. saving you

Nash's pov:

I got a phone call from Cassidy and of course I answered but I didn't expect to hear what was happening down the other line.




I couldn't bare to listen anymore I put my shoes on and ran as fast as I could to Cassidy's house. The door was open so I pushed it open and ran to the living room where I found Dylan taking of Cassidy's clothes with his hand covering her mouth.

He saw me standing there and immediately stood up and away from Cassidy but it was to late my blood was boiling and my best friend is crying uncontrollably in front of me because she's just been taken advantage of. I stormed over to Dylan and punched him in the face 5 times and kicked him in to stomach. I told him to leave and he limped out the house, I ran over to Cassidy taking my jumper off and put it over her head to help her get if on. It was oversized for her so it covered everything. I carried her out of the house and walked to my house still carrying her. Luckily my family was at Hayes football game so I was alone and it gave me time to calm Cassidy down. We got into the house and I carried her to my room and placed her on my bed putting a blanket over her so she could get some rest. I sat next to her and waited for her to fall asleep and once she did I kissed her forehead

Nash: I love you Cassidy.

Cassidy's pov:

I woke up in Nash's room and then I remembered everything that happened yesterday I looked at the clock beside me that red 12:45 wow I've slept through the rest of yesterday and this morning.

I rubbed my face and got out of bed then I remembered I'm only in a jumper... Nash's jumper. I smiled to myself when I realised its Nash's jumper I'm in. I pulled it to my nose and took a deep breath.. It smells just like nash. I headed to the bathroom to wash my face then walked back to his room trying to find some trackies to put on when I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I jumped and turned around

Cassidy: holy cow nash you scared me

Nash: haha good

Cassidy: what do you mean good!

Nash: well you were looking through my draws... What for exactly?

He had the biggest smirk on his face

Cassidy: well if you must know I was trying to find some trackies

I said while crossing my arms and looking at down at what I was wearing

Nash: oh right yeah of course I knew that

He started looking through his draws while I just smiles while watching him. He pulled out some grey trackies and chucked them at me

Cassidy: gee thanks nash!

I said sarcastically

Nash: no problem cass

We both laughed while I put on the slightly big trackies on my bottom half. I had to pull them above my belly button but they were still comfy.

Me and nash headed downstairs where mrs grier was ( pretend her name is Julie )

Cassidy: Hey Julie

Julie: oh hey sweetie how are you feeling today

Cassidy: better then I expected to feel. Nash really helped me out

I turned to nash and smiled then turned back to Julie

Julie gave me a little smirk mentioning me to nash and my eyes widened and started shaking my head

Nash: what's are you guys doing it not nice to secretly talk using you're eyes and head!

Nash wined while me and Julie just started laughing.

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