My Best friend💙

Cassidy and Nash have been best friends since they we're baby's and now their both 18. Nash has recently become a internet sensation and he gets a lot of attention, he's done tv interviews and he does this tour called magcon were a bunch a viners meet their fans but as for me it's complicated and I'll tell you why...


5. Alyssa Shouse

3 weeks later:

Cassidy's pov:

Recently I've been thinking about why nash had to leave so unexpectedly the day Dylan did what he did. I've been asking Hayes if he knew anything but nothing until one day...

Nash's pov:

I was kind of scared to bring her home because I knew that Cassidy will be there and of course my family but more scared about Cassidy because me and cass have always been best friends and we tell each other everything but I never told her I've been dating someone for 3 months now! I don't know why I didn't tell her I guess it was because I had a crush on her at the time but she had Dylan but I don't know I'm just scared.

We walked up to the front door and I turned to face my girlfriend

Nash: are you sure you want to do this?

Her: yes nash come on why are you so scared

Nash: pffft I'm not scared! Nash grier does not get scared

Her: so why are we still standing outside

Nash: well it's a beautiful day!.. Okay okay follow me

We walked in the house and I closed the door behind me. We walked to the living room to find my mum, dad, hayes, Skylynn and of course Cassidy.

They all turned and looked at me.

Nash: guys theres someone I want you to meet.

Alyssa walked out from behinds me and waved

Nash: this is my girlfriend Alyssa and we have been dating for 3 months!

They all looked shocked but said hi anyway well all of them except one

Cassidy: 3 MONTHS!!!

Nash: cass I was going to tell you but I-


Cassidy's pov:

I can't believe be didn't tell me what a jerk! He's meant to be my best friend we tell each other everything! How can I ever trust him again!

I ran to the front door but on my converse and ran out the house and down the road to this

Little park.

Cassidy: how could he do this to me

I whispered to myself. I put my head in my hands and cried whilst listening to the wind and the cars drive by.

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