Jamie and her friend Emily live in Birmingham and are in love with the boyband M.A.D. Jamie's mum got her and Emily VIP tickets to see them and when they get their picture with them they get told to wait backstage for them. Will the girls stay or will they leave?


2. The Day We Meet The Boys.

Emily's POV

Today is the day that me and Jamie finally meet our idols, M.A.D. I've been waiting for this day since we got told that we were going. We are leaving to go to London at 12:00pm. It was now 9:00am. So i still had quite some time to get ready. Because we were staying over night i got my over night stuff ready. I then quickly hopped into the shower and washed my hair and my body. Once i got out i dried off. I dried my hair and curled it, i wanted to look nice for when i meet the boys. I put some light make-up on. Mascara, eyeliner, foundation and a bit of concealer to cover the flaws.I was wearing black skinny jeans, a Super Dry top and a blue hoodie. I walked downstairs and got some breakfast. By now it was 10:27am. I decided that it was time for me to. ' Mum, I'm going to Jamie's now, see you tomorrow love you. ' I waited for my mum to respond before i left. ' Okay honey, see you tomorrow, have a great time. Love you. ' With that, i left and headed to Jamie's. Today was going to be great.

Jamie's POV

I had just finished doing my hair and my make-up. My hair straight and in a quiff and i had light make-up on. I was wearing black jeans with my Hollister top on and my light purple hoodie. I heard a knock on the door and my mum speaking to someone. I think it was Emily. I heard running up the stairs and Emily came running in. I had to go get my over night stuff. By the time i had got all of my stuff ready it was 11:18am. I shouted down to my mum ' Mum, what time are we leaving? ' She replied with ' Well if we leave at 11:30ish then we can get some munchies for the journey to London. is that okay? ' ' Yep, that's fine. ' I'm so excited, i cant wait. Me and Emily have been talking about it non stop since the day that we got told that we were even going. ' Are you girls ready, we're leaving now. ' ' Ok, just coming now. '

We were now on our way to Tescos to get some munchies and then we are off. My mum came back with a bottle of drink each, sweets and crisps.We are now on our way. ' London here we come! ' I thought i would shout that. Why not? I'm excited. We put on Toyboy and started signing along and then we put on their covers. I can't believe that in a couple of hours i will be stood with M.A.D. I's actually meeting them. I finally get to meet Aiden. As you can tell, Aiden is my favourite and Emily's favourite is Dan. 

* In London *

We are finally here! We got to the hotel and checked in. Me and Emily didn't want to stay in the hotel all day when London was waiting for us to explore it. My mum didn't come with us because she said that she was tired and needed rest. I've been to London a few times so i knew my way round quite a bit. We wanted to go to Starbucks so we did. It was only round the corner from the hotel. We ordered our drinks and found a table to sit at. We started talking for a bit while waiting for our drinks and in the corner of my eye i saw someone that looked very familiar. I looked him straight in the eyes and i was right. I did know him. It was Aiden Hancock and he was with Dan and Michael .

I looked at Emily and tilted my head in the direction that the boys were in to try and get her to look over there. She obviously saw them because she looked back at me smiling and giggling. '  Oh my god. It's M.A.D! ' ' I know. Oh my god ' I suddenly got really nervous.My fingers twine between two of the pages of the menu and i dropped it on the floor, making a swoosh noise. I bent down on my chair to pick it up but another hand reaches it before i could. Our hands touch. I look up suddenly to see Aiden in front of me. He looks down at me, meeting my gaze. He smiles at me making me blush. I opened my mouth to speak but no words escaped. ' I know. ' He winks, ' but here's my number, so call me whenever you're free and preferably when you're able to speak. ' He laughs and walks of back to Dan and Michael. 

' What the hell just happened Emily? ' ' Well i think that Aiden Hancock just gave you his number and told you to ring him. I'm so jealous. He keeps staring at you and smiling. ' I was sat there freaking out. ' C'mon lets go, we haven't even explored London yet.


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