Jamie and her friend Emily live in Birmingham and are in love with the boyband M.A.D. Jamie's mum got her and Emily VIP tickets to see them and when they get their picture with them they get told to wait backstage for them. Will the girls stay or will they leave?


3. The Concert.

Emily's POV

Once we left Starbucks after the whole thing with Aiden, we decided to go walk around London a bit and explore. We toke a lot a pictures with the Big Ben in it. We then went on the London Eye and The London Dungeon. It's quite scary actually. After that we got something to eat and went back to the hotel. We got back at about 5:45pm so we were leaving soon. I was actually getting so excited. As soon as we got home we started to get ready. I was going to have my hair in a messy bun and wear simple make-up. I was wearing denim jeans and a plain black top with a hoodie and my black converse. Jamie was nearly ready as well, she was wearing black skinny jeans, a super dry top, blue hoodie and her white converse. She had her hair straight and had a quiff. If i say so my self, i think we looked pretty good. By the time we were finished it was 6:09pm so we had to start leaving now if we wanted to get to the front. By the time we got there it was only 6:19pm so we still had time to get to the front. My mum didn't really like crowds so she met up with her friend that lived in London. We got to the front and we were jumping up and down and had massive grins on our faces. It was now 6:30pm and a man came out and started saying thank you to all of us from coming out and then said the thing i had been waiting for ' Welcome out M.A.D! ' The room started screaming and going mental.

Jamie's POV

' Welcome M.A.D! ' The room started screaming and going mental and then 3 gorgeous boys walked out on the stage. Michael, Dan and Aiden. Oh my. They were so gorgeous and perfect. Aiden looked at me and winked. I could tell i went really red. They started signing their first cover which was Happy by Pharrell. I loved this song. I started singing along and Aiden caught me singing he just laughed and I blushed even more. Is he trying to make me feel embarrassed? After half an hour they did this thing where they pick random fans from the crowd and bring them up to the stage and just talk to them. Michael picked this girl with short brown hair and quite small, Dan picked Emily, she went so red and was super excited. It was cute. Then it was Aidens turn to choose. ' Hmmm, who should i choose? There are too many beautiful ladys out there that i want to talk to. But i think I'm going to go with that girl there. ' That girl over there was me. I walked to the stage and he helped me up. ' So what is your name? ' Michael said to the girl that he had chosen. ' My name is Lucy. ' She was really excited you could tell because she was shaking. Aw. ' And what's your name gorgeous? ' That's what Dan said to Emily. ' My name is Emily and i love you so much! ' Dan gave out a little chuckle. ' Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl and i love you too love. ' He then kissed her on the cheek. Then it was Aiden's turn to talk to me. ' So, what is your name babe? ' I smiled at the fact that Aiden just called me babe. ' My name is Jamie. ' He smiled. I love his smile, it shows those dimples that i adore. He is just perfect. ' Very nice name ' he smiled. Michael said ' girls, come over here and sit down while we sing Toyboy. ' We all took our seat and the music started.

🎵 she's so smiley she's so sexy she's so great where do I take her our on our first date. We went and partied and we lit the fuse I couldn't tell her I was still in school 🎵

I could see that Aiden was just looking at me from the corner of my eye. I looked over at him and he just winked and looked into the crowd. I looked out into the crowd to see all these girls. One caught my attention. She glared and me and mouthed something about Aiden. Um well ok. After they had finished their song they walked over to us and gave us a kiss on the cheek and we went back to standing off the stage. The girl that was glaring at me was still doing it. I don't know what I did.

It was now 7:25pn and they were singing their last cover of Bruno Mars. Just The Way You Are. Once they had finished, they told us we had to go behind the venue to get pictures taken. Me and Emily lined up and waited for our turn. As we got closer I could see Aiden and George talking and smiling and looking at me. It was soon our turn. We walked over to George and handed him out phones so he could take the picture. ' Aiden. Is this the girl that you want me to give your number to? The one with brown hair? ' ' OMG George shut up! ' Aiden said chuckling. What the hell. George was pointing at me when he said that. We got our pictures taken and I hugged them all. I hugged Aiden last and he just said to me. .' Don't forget to check your phone for a new contact. ' Then he winked. I just said ok and he kissed me on the cheek and me and Emily walked off.



Sorry that I haven't updated recently. I'm just quite busy at the moment. Comment below what you think MADOnes. :)

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