Jamie and her friend Emily live in Birmingham and are in love with the boyband M.A.D. Jamie's mum got her and Emily VIP tickets to see them and when they get their picture with them they get told to wait backstage for them. Will the girls stay or will they leave?


6. Saturday.

Emilys P.O.V We had currently been staying in a hotel. We were meant to go home after the concert but me and and Jamie were meeting the boys and it would be pointless to go home and come back the next day. Me and Jamie had spoke to Jamie's mum and spoke to each other about moving to London a couple of weeks before the concert because it's easier for our studys, but it was quite hard to find anywhere to live so we thought that while we're in London we will have a look, so in the week we went and had a look around and we found a nice little flat in Camden. We have always wanted to move to London and luckily her mum and my mum said yes. So we're going back to Birmingham tomorrow to get our stuff and coming back to London on Monday. Today me, Dan, Emily and Aiden are all going out bowling and then out for something to eat. It's going to be fun even though I'm quite scared and excited at the same time. Me and Jamie were meeting them at the bowling alley at 12:30PM and it's only 10:00AM so we had enough time to shower and get ready. I walked over to Jamie's bed as she was still sleeping. ' Jamie, you need to get up, it's 10:00AM and we're meeting the boys at 12:30PM and you still have to get ready and you take forever to get ready. Get up! Get up! Get up!! ' I started hitting her with a pillow to make sure she was getting up and just for pure fun. ' Alright, alright I'm up now leave me alone. ' I was just laughing to myself. ' Well someones not a morning person. ' I walked into the bathroom and took my clothes off and got in the shower. I love morning showers they make me relaxed. I washed my body and my hair and got out. The cold air hitting me making me shiver. I walked into the bedroom ' you can get in now '. Jamie nodded. I sat down at the desk and started blow drying my hair. Once it was dry i decided to straighten it. I then applied some light make up. Mascara and Eyeliner and a bit of foundation. I got out some black skinny jeans a white top and chucked on some white converse. I sat on the bed watching tv waiting for Jamie. About 1 hour and a bit later we were now ready and it was now 12:10PM. We quickly got a little snack and headed out. It wasn't too far from our hotel so we just walked. By the time we got there it was 12:29PM, just on time. We walked in and saw the boys standing waiting. We walked over to them and said hi and went to get our shoes. Jamie's P.O.V We had played about 2 games so far and it's safe to say that Michael is terrible at bowling. He was hilarious to watch. At one point he looked at us all and said ' I will get a strike on this, just you watch. ' It turnt out that he hit one pin down which made us all laugh and Michael get a bit annoyed. Half an hour had passed and we had all finished bowling and Aiden had won. He was surprising good at it. We all went to Mcdonalds to get a bite to eat. ' Hey Jamie can i speak to you real quick in private? ' ' Yeah sure Aiden. ' We walked outside to talk. ' So what's up Aiden?' Aiden looked down and looked back at me. I was a bit worried. ' Um, well.. I..I kinda like you. I've liked you since i first laid eyes on you. You're just so beautiful, caring and fun to be with. I know we have only known each other for a week and a bit but will you be my girlfriend? ' I can't believe that Aiden Hancock just asked me to be his girlfriend. I had obviously not said anything in a while because Aiden said ' I'm going to take that as a no as you haven't said anything in a while. ' I looked at him and smiled ' Yes ' Aiden looked at me. ' Yes? ' He looked confused. ' Yes to being your girlfriend ' We both smiled and walked back in holding hands. They all looked at us smirking ' I'm guessing you two are now dating? It's about time you two got together, all Aiden does is talk about you and Emily told me that all you do is talk about Aiden ' Michael said while laughing. by now we were both red. We both sat down and we all started talking and eating. At about 4:00PM we all decided to go home. Me and Emily gave them all a hug and went home. ' Well that was a fun day. ' Emily said. ' Yeah. It was. ' A/N sorry guys that I haven't updated in a while I've just had a lot going on and sorry for the small and not so good chapter. I will be updating soon hopefully and they will be longer chapters. Please like and comment and do whateverrrr. Love you guys :)
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