Jamie and her friend Emily live in Birmingham and are in love with the boyband M.A.D. Jamie's mum got her and Emily VIP tickets to see them and when they get their picture with them they get told to wait backstage for them. Will the girls stay or will they leave?


5. Dan.

Emily's POV

So Jamie went out to meet Aiden yesterday and I was stuck in my house being bored. I really hope that Jamie asked Aiden about the Dan thing. It wouldn't matter really because he wouldn't want to see me anyway. I was home alone last night because my mum had gone out with her friends somewhere and my dad... that's a different story. I decided that i would just rent in some movies and order some pizza and have a movie night by myself. Sad, I know. I rented out Finding Nemo and Despicable Me 1&2. I finished Despicable Me 1 and started watching number 2. I could feel my eyes slowly shutting.

The next day I woke up on the couch with a blanket laying over me, My mum must of put it on me when she came home last night. I checked my phone and I had 5 missed calls from Jamie and about 20 texts. I rang her to ask why she was ringing and texting me so much.

*ring ring*


' Hey Jamie, why was you ringing and texting me earlier? '

' Did you not read the messages i sent you? '

' No, I kind of just rang you straight away. Why? '

' Well, you know how I was with Aiden yesterday? '

' Oh yeah. How did that go? ' 

' It went so good, we kissed and everything. Anyway. I asked Aiden about the whole Dan thing, and good news! '

' Go on... ' 

' Aiden told me that Dan would definitely ring you because he talks about you non stop! ' 

By then I had a massive smile on my face.

' Really Omg that's actually so good, do you think he will text me? '

Just as soon as I said that my phone buzzed telling me I had another call coming through. It was a unknown number.

' Jamie, I have another call coming through, speak later. '

' Okay, byeee. '

And with that I hung up and answered the call.

' Hello? '

' Um, hey, this is Dan. ' I started getting butterflies in my stomach. I don't even know why? All he said was hi this is Dan.

' Oh hey Dan, how are you? '

' Yeah yeah, I'm good how are you? ' 

' Yeah I'm good. So what's up? '

' Oh yeah. Well I was calling to see if you wanted to hang out soon, maybe not just us, but me, you, Aiden and Jamie, if you want? ' I was a bit upset that he didn't want it to be just us two but as long as I'm still spending time with him I guess It's fine.

' Yeah sure. When? '

' We could all grab a bite to eat and go bowling next Saturday. '

' Yeah sounds great. Can't wait, '

' Me neither, I can't wait to see you. ' Did he really just say that. I'm probably smiling like a Cheshire Cat right now.

' Me either Dan. I'm going to go now though, but text me yeah? ' 

' Okay, bye. '

And he hung up. I can't wait for Saturday.

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