Jamie and her friend Emily live in Birmingham and are in love with the boyband M.A.D. Jamie's mum got her and Emily VIP tickets to see them and when they get their picture with them they get told to wait backstage for them. Will the girls stay or will they leave?


4. Aiden.

Emily's POV

Me and Jamie had just met M.A.D! It was the best day of my life so far. I was standing next to Dan and Michael and Jamie was standing next to Aiden and Michael. Aiden said something to Jamie before we left which made her smile. ' Jamie. What did Aiden say to you before we left? ' ' Um, well he kind of asked George to put his number in my contacts for me and he told me to not to forget to text him ' I can't believe what Jamie just told me, that's great. Maybe if she does text Aiden and they meet up, she can ask Aiden to ask Dan if he wants to meet up with me. I really like Dan, he is actually gorgeous. His smile is amazing, his hair is amazing, his personality is amazing, just him in general is amazing. ' Are you going to text him then? ' Jamie just looked at me like i was stupid or something. ' Of course I'm going to text him, it's Aiden Christopher Hancock for gods sake. Why the hell would i not text him? ' I just laughed. ' Hey, if or when you do text Aiden, would you mind asking him if Dan wants to meet up with me sometime? ' She just smirked at me. ' What? ' ' Does Emily have a little crush on Dan? ' She just laughed while i just blushed. 

Jamies POV

I decided that I would text Aiden now.


Hey. This is Jamie. Is this Aiden? x

From Jamie


Almost instantly i got a reply.


Hey Jamie. Yes this is Aiden. I was wondering, do you want to meet up today or sometime? x

From Aiden


Oh my god. Aiden just asked if i wanted to meet up with him. Oh my. I texted him back.


Yeah. Sure. Why not? It would be good to see you again ;) x

From Jamie


My phone buzzed telling me that i had a message. It was obviously from Aiden.


Great. :) Meet me at Starbucks at 4.:) See you there gorgeous. xx

From Aiden

It was now 12 so I had 4 hours to get ready. I  went over to Emily and told her I was going out to meet Aiden. She just said ' don't forget to tell Aiden to tell Dan to text me sometime and obviously give him my number to give to Dan. ' I just laughed. ' Don't worry Emily. I will. '

I hopped in the shower and washed myself. I got out and dried my self off and blow dried my hair. I brushed through my long brunette hair and let it do what it wanted. I applied some light make up and got dressed. I went with a casual look. I put some black skinny jeans on and a white Hollister top with a pair of while converse. I can't wait to see Aiden again. It was now 11:30 and it takes me about 20 minutes to walk there. I said bye to Emily and left. 20 minutes later I got there and I walked in. I couldn't see him say anywhere so I just went to the back and sat down and just waited. About 5 minutes later in walked the most beautiful boy ever. It was Aiden. He spotted me and walked over and gave me a hug. ' hi beautiful ' I blushed and said hi. We started talking and got to know each other better. I already knew lots about him. I told him that I didn't have any siblings but Emily was like a sister to me. ' oh, speaking of Emily she kinda has a thing for Dan and she was wondering if you could give him her number and tell him to text her? ' ' sure. He will be happy with that considering he talks about her non stop. ' we both laughed. After a while we said we would walk around the town for a bit. We walked into Holister and I saw this gorgeous white dress but I didn't have enough so I put it back. Aiden picked it up and paid for it. ' Aiden what are you doing? It's £67.00 I don't have to have it that bad. ' Aiden laughed. I don't know why he was laughing I was being serious. ' well it's a bit late now love haha. ' He laughed. ' I hate you Aiden ' He looked at me ' no you don't. ' He looked at my lips then my eyes then my lips again. He leant in and I did the same. Our lips met and I could feel fireworks. He smiled through the kiss. He moved back and smiled at me. He intertwined our hands and we decided to go home.

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