Free with you

I write in third person so don't judge. A Harry fan fic.


8. The Boys

Harry had moved in with you and everything was ok. It had been 5 months since you got back together. The news had stopped talking about you and you were relieved. They must have gave up. Harry came in as you were doing your make up. He took it before you could put any on. "Harry give it back." You said reaching for the lipstick. "You don't need it. You're already beautiful." He said. "Aw Haz." You said before kissing him. He loosened his grip on the make up and you took it. You pulled away and started on your make up again. "That's not fair." He said pouting. "To bad. Have you talked to the boys in a while?" You ask. "No not since you ran away." He said. "Oh well you should invite them over. I kinda miss them." You say. His face drops to an angry look. "Oh calm down I meant like as brothers. Geez can't say anything without you getting angry." You laugh. He smiles and wraps his arms around your waist. He kissed you and he got out his phone. "Hey Niall...yeah it's Harry...hey why don't you come to y/n house and bring the boys...ok...of course...alright bye." He said before hanging up. "They'll be over in a bit, he's bringing his girlfriend, Lucy." He said. You wondered what she looked like. You imagines her with blonde hair and blue eyes like him. About an hour later they come. Harry continues cooking and you let them in. Lucy was beautiful. She had long, brown hair and hazel eyes. Perrie, the girl who had saved me a while ago, was with Zayn. Another girl was there but you couldn't recognize her. They all sat down on the couch. Louis next to the girl. Perrie next to Zayn. Niall with Lucy. Liam sat alone but he didn't seem bothered. Harry came out and said dinner was ready. Louis still hadn't introduced her yet. "Louis aren't you going to introduce us to your friend?" You ask. "Oh yes, guys this is Eleanor. My girlfriend." He says. We nod and say hello. You laugh and talk for hours until they leave. You and Harry go to bed soon after.

Hey guys I think I'm going to take a break for a while. I'll be writing in is it wrong a lot so check it out. Become a fan and read my others. Don't forget to like and favorite.

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