Free with you

I write in third person so don't judge. A Harry fan fic.


4. should've known

Your life was perfect although some things got worse. Everyday your foster parents searched harder for you. You were afraid they might find you. You always chose to forget about it. One day, you went to the market. When you checked out someone spotted you. Your foster dad. He grabbed your hand and dragged you to his car. You fought him like never before. "Stop fighting!" He said. "No I will never stop fighting. I've lived with fear for to long. Now that it's gone I won't let anything bring it back!" You said still fighting. Finally you managed to slip your hand out of his and ran. You ran to your car and drove off. You drove to your house hoping he didn't follow you. Harry was there and ran to you. "What's wrong?" He asked holding you in his arms. "He found me." You said. "Autumn I've got you I'm not letting anything hurt you." He said. You looked at him and kissed him. "I'm calling Paul." He said seeing the worry still in your eyes. "Harry what will that do?" You asked. "He will set things straight and protect you. He dialed the number and held it to his face. "Paul I met a girl and she needs help." He said. "Yes I'll meet you at my house." He said. He said goodbye and hung up. "Come on you're going to talk to him." He said. "Ok." You said. You let Harry drive you to his mum's house. You got a call from your friend you had met a while ago. "Hey Trevor." You said. "Hey how are things?" He asked. "Well not so good. Jacob found me but I got away." You said. "Who is it?" Harry asked. "It's my friend Trevor he's in our third period. He's new kinda not so much anymore." You said covering the phone. "I'm sorry what?" You asked. "I'm glad you're ok. Who were you talking to?" He asked. "Oh that's Harry my boyfriend." You said. "Well I'll let you go bye." He said. "Bye." You said and hung up. Harry seemed to be in rage. "Harry what's wrong?" You asked. "I don't want you calling him again. I want you to block his number." He said. "What? Why?" You asked. "I know him I don't you talking to him." He said. "Why?" You asked. "Just do it Autumn!" He yelled. He had never yelled at you before. "I ran away from home so I can away from controlling people. Not to walk to more!" You said. "Autumn just don't talk to him please." He said in a softer voice. "Stop the car." You said. "What?" He asked. "STOP THE CAR!" You said louder. He pulled over and you got out. You slammed the door and walked back to your house. It wasn't far. You put your hood on so no one would spot you and turn you in. Harry's car stayed in the same spot as you walked away. 'I should've known it was to good to be true.' You thought. You weren't going to let him hold you back.

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