Free with you

I write in third person so don't judge. A Harry fan fic.


2. Running

You walked into your house where your foster mom was waiting. Her daughter too. "Who was that?!" Your foster mom asked. "What do you care?" You asked. "I won't ask you again who was that?!" She asked raising her voice. "His name is Harry." You said. "I want him." Her daughter said. She was a spoiled brat. She got anything she wanted. "You will not speak to him again clear?" The mother asked. "No not clear. You are not going to control me! You're not taking him away from me!" You said. You ran upstairs before she could say anything else. You grabbed your bag and stuffed it with cloths. "Where are you going?" She asked. "Away from you!" You said. "No you're not!" She yelled. "Oh yeah watch me!" You said. Then your foster dad walked in. "You're staying here!" He yelled. "No I'm not!" You yelled louder. He pushed you on the bed and slapped you face. You cried as the blood ran down your face. He had never hit you before. You tried to hide in a corner. They all walked out and locked the door. You knew that it would happen again if you got caught talking to Harry. You cried yourself to sleep. Your alarm woke you. Your door was unlocked and you walked to the kitchen. You did the same routine. You looked in the mirror and you had a red mark down your face. You tried to cover it best you could bit it still showed. You walked to school and this time your ex wasn't there waiting. Your foster sister was though. "No talking to Harry or you'll really get it." She whispered. You walked to class. Harry tried talking to you. You ignored him and kept walking. "Hey what's wrong?" He asked. He grabbed you wrist and turned you around. "Ow Harry stop." You begged. "What happen to your face?" He asked worried. "My cat scratched me." You lied. "Harry I can't talk to you. I'll get in huge trouble. I'm sorry." You said and walked away. You walked around the corner. You saw your foster sister talking to him. "Maybe you could come over and we could mess around a bit." She suggested. "Dana I can't I love Autumn." He said. Your heart sank. Your eyes filled with tears. You were gonna get it bad tonight. "She doesn't love you." She said. "What?" He asked sounding hurt. "She is a slut. She goes and hooks up with a guy then says she can't talk to them or she'll get in trouble." She lied. He looked completely hurt and broken. "Come on why don't you come over?" She asked moving very close to him. She finally kissed him. Doing so she grabbed his hand and he squeezed her bum. "I'll be there." He whispered. You really began to cry then. You walked to your house ditching school. You unlocked the door with the emergency key. You went upstairs and packed a bag. You got all your money and left. You were running away. You walked until you were hungry. You had a lot of money and you just bought a bag a apples. You got one out and put the rest into your backpack. You found a dark alley and sat there. You pulled out your phone. Harry had been calling and texting. "Where did you go?" One said. "Autumn please tell me what's going on." Another read. "I've left tell them I'm never coming back. I'm sorry Harry. I love you." You texted. "No Autumn tell me where you are we'll figure this out." He said. You told him where you were and waited. It began to get cold. You found your favorite jacket and put it on. Harry's figure showed at the end of the alley. You ran to him and hugged him. He hugged you back. "Why did you leave?" He asked letting go. "Because I can't take living with them anymore. I'm not going back." You said. "You don't gave to, but at least come home with me." He suggested. You nod and he walked you to his car. He drove you to his house where his mom and his sister were. "Mom this is Autumn my girlfriend. Autumn this is my mom, Anne." He said. "Hello." You said. His arm was around you holding you close to him. "Autumn this is Gemma my sister." He said. You waved. He took you upstairs and sat next to you. You sat and talked until you fell asleep in his arms. You woke up with Harry still next to you. You knew your foster family would look for you here so you got up. "Where are you going?" He asked in his sleepy voice. "They'll find me here I have to keep moving." You said. "Autumn I'll help you please don't go." He begged. "Harry I'm going to find my own place and get a job. It'll be close to here." You said. "Here I'll come with you incase they find you I'll be there." He said. "Alright fine but let me go change." You said. He let you go and you went into the bathroom. You changed and put on a bit of make up. You heard a loud knock at the front door. You knew it was your foster dad. You came out to Harry. He told his mom to let him get it. You went upstairs and hid. "Have you seen Autumn she's gone missing?" He asked pretending to be worried. "No I haven't seen her since she broke up with me yesterday." Harry lied. "Ok well if you see her please give us a call." He pleaded. Harry nodded and your foster dad left. He came back into his room where you were waiting. Your knees were up to your chest. You were terrified he might find you. He hugged you and told you he was gone. You looked into his eyes and kissed him. You laid down still kissing him. He hovered over you and kissed your neck dangerously. Then there was a knock at his bedroom door. He let out a annoyed sigh and sat up. She came in and looked at you both. "I'm going to the market. Do you need anything?" She asked. "Nope thanks mum." He said. She walked out and shut the door. You called your estate agent and she said she would meet you at the house. You couldn't wait to show Harry. You got into the car and Harry drove you to the house. He took you to a place called Nando's. When you sat down you felt a strong hand grab your wrist. It was Dana. It hurt your cuts. "Dana get away." You said. Harry saw you and stepped between you two. You stood behind him. "Harry let's go if she tells her parents they won't find us." You whispered. He backed up and walked out. Dana watched you leave in rage. You walked hand and hand to the car making Dana even more mad. Harry drove you to the house where your agent was waiting. "Hello Autumn it's so nice to meet you." She said hugging you. "Hello Vanessa this is Harry my boyfriend." You introduced. She shook his hand and took you inside. It had high ceilings and big rooms. It was perfect. "Oh Harry don't to love it?" You asked. "Yeah it's perfect." He said. "It's perfect to raise family in." You said. "So have you made a decision?" Vanessa asked. You looked at Harry and smiled. "This one it's perfect and in my budget." You said. "Alright just sign here and we'll send you the rest of the paperwork in the mail." She said. You signed and left. The weekend was almost over and you needed to get back to school. You only had a few months before graduating. "Harry we need to go back to school tomorrow." You said. "Ok. Wait what about Dana and your foster parents?" He asked. "Don't worry about it." You said.

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