Free with you

I write in third person so don't judge. A Harry fan fic.


3. New Start

You went to school the next day feeling free. You had lived in this cage a fear and depression but now it's gone. With Harry and your new start you feel better. You went to your first class with Harry. As you were writing the date for your test your heart broke. This was the day your mom died and was born. Harry noticed your sadness. He took your hand and kissed it. You smiled at him. He smiled showing his deep dimples. Your dad was in jail and your mom well you know. When you saw Dana you were with Harry's friends. She got mad and kissed Harry. He pushed her off and just looked at her. "You call that a kiss?" You asked. You kissed Harry passionately. You put you hands around his neck and his around your waist. "Harry don't swallow her." Niall joked. You noticed Dana was gone. "Aw not even a little?" He joked back. "She looks delicious." He winked at you. You blushed and smiled at the ground. The bell rang letting Harry go practice with his band. "Come with me I don't want Dana finding you." He said. You chuckled and took his hand. He took you to an empty room with just the boys. They sang there songs perfectly. Your favourite was taken. You loved Harry's voice. You loved Harry. When school was over you went to fill out the papers for your house. After about a month you were moving into it. "What are you going to do about furniture?" Harry asked. "I don't know but I'm not worried about it." You said. "That's one of the thousands of reasons I love you." He said. You looked through the house imagining everything. The walls, the furniture, the memories. Three more months and you'll be free for good. You had gotten a job at a small little restaurant close by. "You wanna go shopping for stuff?" You asked. "I like how you ask me like it's my house." He said. 'Maybe it will be one day.' You thought. "Come on." Yo said. You went shopping and got some paint and tools. You were going to do one room your way. One wall was going to be splatter paint and when you were done with those colours, you would paint over it with white. Harry thought it was cool. You bought a laptop and some other stuff you might need. You bought food and cooking tools. You went back home and set everything up. To your surprise there was furniture everywhere. "What the heck?" You asked. Harry whistled suspiciously. "Did you do this?" You asked. "Me and my family." He said stepping out of the way to reveal his family. You hugged them all. "Thank you so much." You said. "Harry bought it we just moves it." His stepdad, Robin, said. You turned to Harry and hugged him. This was going to help so much. There was a bed and sofas and everything. You loved Harry so much. He made you feel safe. You loved his friends too. You went to school the next day except without Harry. You had slept in your house without him. You had a car now so you drove. You loved your new start, it was perfect.


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