Free with you

I write in third person so don't judge. A Harry fan fic.


6. I need you!

The next morning still no text or calls from Harry. Suddenly everything felt bigger. The one feeling that made you feel free and happy, it was gone. You tried to gain it back but you couldn't find it. What made you feel this way? Harry. Harry made you feel free. Harry gave you courage. Things seemed to move in fast forward. Finally you couldn't take it anymore and you texted Harry. "Harry we need to talk." You said. "No we don't. I'm trying to protect you but you won't listen." He said. You threw your phone mad at yourself. You need him. What will you do without him? Things aren't the same. Then you realized you shouldn't be mad at yourself. You should be mad at Harry for not trusting you. "I ran away from my family because I knew I couldn't get anywhere with the control I didn't have. I had that then you tried to take that from me. You don't trust me. I don't need you. I don't love you." You lied. He never texted back but his sister did. "What did you do to Harry he's a wreck?" She asked. "He tried to control me so I left him. Tbh I'm a wreck too." You said.

**At Harry's House**

"Harry you're going!" Gemma said pushing him out the door. "She said she didn't need me! She said she didn't love me! Why would I go to someone who doesn't love me or need me?" He asked. "Because you need her!" Gemma said. He began to cry into his hands. Gemma hugged him and told him it was ok. "Let's go." She said. He went voluntarily into the car. Gemma drove him to your house. She made sure he went inside and saw you. "What?!" You asked pretending to be mad at him. "Autumn please don't be mad. I don't want you to hang around Trevor because he will hurt you and do dirty stuff to you. I need you." He said. You couldn't help but hug him. "I need you too." You said. You kissed him. "I love you." He said. You kissed him again and again. He put his hands on your waist. You wrapped your hands around his neck. You pulled away and rested on each others heads. You realized you were still out side and took him inside. You sat on the soft couch next to Harry. "So when I left this random thought came to my head." You said. "What?" He asked as I cuddled up to him. "My dad." You said. Harry looked down at you. "I found him. He didn't leave me. He thought I was dead but he didn't leave me." You said with a small laugh. "How could he leave you?" He asked. "You're to beautiful." He said making you blush. You kissed him and cuddled with him.

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