Free with you

I write in third person so don't judge. A Harry fan fic.


1. Hero

You are the most beautiful girl in your school. Your friend tells you everyday but you never believe it. You hate yourself and everyday that hate grows stronger.

Your alarm clock was screaming for you to wake up. You got up and got dressed. You walked downstairs to see your foster family. You didn't talk to them you jus grabbed your phone an headphones and went back upstairs. You got your backpack and purse and went to school. You got a text from your ex. "Hey fatty!" It read. He always teased you. He would never leave you alone. You got to school and he was waiting for you. "Hey fatty you're looking extra ugly today!" He said. You ignored it and kept walking. He kept teasing and teasing. "Hey guys that's noway to treat a lady." A husky voice asked. He had dark curly hair and green glowing eyes. He stood tall and strong. "Piss off!" Your ex scowled. He through a punch at your ex. The blood ran down from his bleeding lip as he walked away. Your handsome hero was standing before you. "Thanks." You said shyly. "That guy doesn't know what he's talking about. You're beautiful." He said. You smiled at the ground and blushed. "Are you new here?" You asked. "No I just got a schedule change." He said. You had all your classes with him. At the end of 5th period, he had to practice with his band. You looked at his soft, green eyes. He leaned in. You were about to kiss when the bell rang. You pulled away and left him behind. His friends stared in shock. "What?" He asked. "You just almost kissed Autumn Brite." Niall said. "Yeah and..?" He asked. "She's the hottest girl in school and she never let's anyone get close to her." Liam said. "Why?" He asked. "No one knows nobody's bothered to ask." Niall said. Harry looked back at your path. He seemed curious as to why. Harry went to practice as you found your friend. "Hey Maddie." You said. "Get away freak!" She hissed. Your heart broke. "What?" You asked softly. 'Why is she saying this to me? What have I done?' You thought. "You're just a freak cutter!" She said. You couldn't take it anymore. You ran away running into Harry. "Hey calm down. What's wrong?" He asked. "Just..don't." You said tears running down your face. To ran to the bathroom and rolled up your sleeves. Twenty cuts. You started cutting when you were 13. 5 years of cutting and trying to get away. You picked up the scissors you had in your purse. You held them up to your wrist hoping, this time, you will die. You cut deep cuts into your wrist. A girl came in and took them away before you could cut a third time. She wrapped your cuts in toilet paper and hugged you. You didn't even know her but you felt comfortable. She helped you up and went to Harry's friend, Zayn. She pulled down your sleeve so no one would see your cuts. Harry was behind him not paying attention. He saw you and hugged you. You hugged him back and you heard the dismissal bell. His friends left you alone with Harry. He walked home with you. You reached your house and looked into his eyes. He leaned in until your lips met in a soft, warm kiss. You pulled away after a while. "I better go." You whispered.

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