Free with you

I write in third person so don't judge. A Harry fan fic.


5. DAD?!

One thing popped into your head. 'No wonder my dad left me.' You thought. You never knew your dad. Although sometimes you would remember things about him. You remembered hugging him and fishing with him. All good things never one bad thing. You wanted to find your dad. So you went on the internet and found him. Clark Steven. He was a doctor here in London. Says he is single with no kids. "Hello Clark I would like to meet you to tell you something you might want to know." You chatted with him. "Ok where?" He asked. "Um let's take a walk at the park near the mall." You suggested. "Sounds great can we meet today?" He asked. "Absolutely be there in 30." You said. You went to your room and changed. You wore a some nice close and left. You were so excited to meet your dad. You drove to the park and waited. A tall man walked to you. "Hello Ms are you Autumn?" He asked. "Yes I am it's nice to meet you." You said shaking his hand. He sat next to you and waited for you to speak. "Um there's really no way to say this but...I'm your daughter." You said. His eyes turned big. He smiled and hugged. "I thought you were dead." He said. "No I'm here." You said. He pulled away and looked worried. "I'm so sorry I ran away when I heard you and your mum passed away. I'm so glad you found me." He said. "Dad it's ok. I've gotten my own place and a boy-" you stopped yourself. "A what?" He asked. "Um never mind is ran away from my foster family and got my own place." You said. "That's great Autumn." He said. You spent the day with him just catching up. "Wow I can't believe your foster dad did that to you. It's all my fault." He said. "No dad it's not let's just forget about it." You said. You looked at your phone. No text or calls from Harry. You turned it off and put it in your pocket. You told your dad you had to go and you went home. You had the wrong idea of your dad the whole time. You thought he left you because you did something wrong. You were wrong and now you know that he loves you.

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