The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


79. Try Sexy

"So, boyfriend still doesn't know you're out here?" John says when I meet him that night.
"Nope." I reply proudly, though I'm not sure where that pride comes from. What I'm doing is wrong.
"Don't you ever get bored of him?" John steps closers and runs his fingers through my bangs. I feel an inclination to push his hand away, but enjoy the contact too much.
"No, he's a lot of fun actually." I reply, smiling smugly.
"Sure. Boring, good boy X-Man fun." He somehow moves even closer. "You forget I've felt your thoughts, I know how bad you want to be."
"Do you really?" I ask sarcastically.
"I know you're a bad girl at heart." He states, a sly smile on his lips.
"Bad enough to kick your ass, that's for sure." I click my fingers by my side and smile when I feel the flames in my hand.
"I doubt that." He whispers seductively, his face just inches from mine. I feel the fire wriggle free from my grasp as John takes it for himself.
"I don't." I bite my lip. Fine. If he wants to try sexy, I can try sexy too! I fix my eyes on his and extend my hand out, feeling the flames return, before closing it into a fist. The fact I don't need to see the flames I'm controlling now really shows how successful training has been.
"It's nice, isn't it?" He inches slightly closer, our bodies almost touching now.
"Being able to look a guy in the eye." I have to admit, his accent is sort of sexy.
"That's a low blow." I growl.
"Maybe. But it's true. I know you love looking into my eyes. I hear it in your thoughts." His smile grows.
"Then maybe you should stay out of my head." I place my hand softly on his neck and slide it up to his cheek, planning my next move (and smirking slightly at the thought).
"Just kiss me, Evelyn. You know you want to." I pull my hand away from his cheek slightly and slap him hard across the face.
"No, John. I don't want to." I say with a sarcastic smile, stepping back slightly.
"You're going to kiss me." He winks at me and wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me into him.
"Hey!" I object, wriggling free of his embrace.
"Just one kiss, Evelyn." He begins to circle me. "You know it's what you want. The curiosity is there, I can feel it. You want to know what it would be like to make out with another pyrokinetic - now's your chance to find out. Kiss me."
"John..." I sigh. He can't seriously think this is going to work.
"I know you've imagined it." He continues. "I've seen it in your dreams before. I've seen us kissing, holding each other, in your dreams, from your mind."
"I have a lot of dreams, and trust me, the best don't include you." I comment smugly.
"No, of course. They include that douchey boyfriend of yours." He stops circling and stands facing me now. "But he wants to control you, I don't. With me you could be free. You wouldn't be tied down by a team of do-gooders. It would be me and you together. Sound good?" Actually, it does. That freedom is strangely appealing!
"Scott and I-"
"Are nothing compared to you and me." He cuts in. I roll my eyes before remembering Scott's comment. It's a bad habit. "Oh? He doesn't want you rolling your eyes?"
"How many times have I told you to stay outta my head?" I release an exasperated sigh.
"I would never ask you to stop rolling your gorgeous blue eyes. Instead, I'd tell you how sexy I find it." He steps nearer again. I take hold of his chin roughly and guide his lips to be level with mine.
"Tell me something I want to hear." I growl seductively.
"Choose me and you'll never have to put up with the X-Men judging your every move. It'll just be us." He whispers, his eyes on mine. I pull his chin closer to me, actually craving his kiss. Isn't that what I want? Not to be judged anymore? But I quickly push his jaw away laughing.
"Ha!" I exclaim. "You're gunna have to try far harder than just plucking some thoughts from my mind and whispering in that sexy Australian tone!"
"You think my voice is sexy?" He raises his eyebrows and his proud smile returns.
"No. I mean, yes. No. Shut up." I stutter. He walks around to stand beside me laughing. "What are you doing?"
"You like my accent?" He whispers in a very seductive tone. I sigh heavily. Damn, why is this guy getting me so hot?
"Goodnight, John." I say strongly, ignoring my obvious attraction to the boy beside me. I'm with Scott. I don't need John.
"Dream of me." He orders as I walk away. You wish, I think to myself.
"No, I don't wish. I know." His voice is in my mind now. "You will dream of me. And one day soon, you'll kiss me too. Goodnight, Evelyn."


**Thanks to everyone who’s still reading! This was a chapter that I strangely enjoyed. I’m starting to really like John now, what about you guys? Keep commenting!**

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