The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


115. Toilet Talk

"What was that with Pyro?" Scott asks when we meet Bobby around the back of the building. "You trying to make me jealous?"
"Did it work?" I reply cautiously hoping he will pick up on my joking tone.
"Yes, actually." He doesn't look at me as he says the words.
"Then, yes. I was trying to make you jealous." I state smugly, an unstoppable smile on my lips.
"Well, it worked until I remembered that you're a cheating little bitch." He retorts. "He's welcome to you."
"Cyclops." I sigh.
"Iceman, you ready?" Scott ignores me.
"I guess so." Bobby sounds nervous, so I take hold of his hand on squeeze it slightly. He looks over to me and I give him a reassuring smile. He turns to Scott. "I don't see why we couldn't have just sent Ardor in to set off the fire alarm."
"Because this isn't just a normal building. It takes more than just one alarm set off to make the security staff take notice." Scott replies professionally.
"So, there's no other way?" Bobby pushes.
"We tried informing them politely, they didn't listen. This is the only way." Scott places his hand on Bobby's shoulder in a comforting gestures. "You can do this."
"Okay." Bobby takes a deep breath. "Stay close."
I feel the air around us cool as Bobby's skin is consumed in a thin layer of ice and suddenly, we're moving. I look down at the ice below our feet and feel slightly sick at how quickly it is moving.
I hear shouts from the crowds below us now and can almost sense Bobby's fear and panic. I squeeze his hand tighter.
"It will all be okay." I whisper sweetly. "You're doing great."
We quickly arrive at one of the windows Jean has telekinetically unlocked for us. Bobby stops us next to the window. I glance down and feel queasy at the sight of all the ant sized people so far below me.
"Jean, has Warren got Voltage up here yet?" Scott demands through the fresh telepathic bridge built through the team.
"Yes, I have." Warren answers. "She's just shut off the alarms, you're fine to enter."
"Thanks, Warren." I reply, looking at Scott. He nods at me pointedly.
"Okay, so remember, we need to stay hidden once we're in there. At least until Marvel Girl has finished her job, yes?" He orders, pushing the window open. Bobby and I both nod. We each climb through the window slowly.
The hallway is surprisingly empty. Maybe they're all checking what's up with the security. Suddenly, Scott grabs my arm and tugs me into a disabled restroom, locking the door behind us.
"Well," Bobby sighs. "This is far less glamorous than I expected being a super hero would be."
"What did you expect?" I giggle.
"I dunno." He shrugs. "But I certainly didn't expect to be stuck in a toilet with a leather-clad pyrokinetic, a grumpy team leader and a butt load of sexual tension." We both shoot him a look, causing him to hold his hands up. "What?"
"There's nothing between us anymore. You know that, right?" Scott sits on the closed toilet seat and I slide down the wall to sit on the floor.
"Sure, sure." Bobby smirks sarcastically.
"She cheated on me and-"
"No, I didn't!" I butt in. "I never once cheated on you. I loved you!"
"Fine!" He hisses. "You kissed him!"
"No, I didn't." I repeat. "We had a dream that we made out once. That was it!"
"Fine!" He snaps. "Let's say hypothetically you didn't cheat on me-"
"I didn't." I cut in.
"And hypothetically, you don't have this stupid telepathic connection with him. Even so, you still spent months lying to me and meeting up behind my back." His anger is showing in his expression now, even though his eyes are hidden.
"Guys, can we not do this here?" Bobby speaks up cautiously.
"One second, Iceman." I hold up my hand to silence him, before turning back to Scott. "I know. And that is my biggest regret - that I lied."
"Regretting it doesn't change what you did!" I notice that he seems to want to raise his voice, but manages to keep it hushed, so as to not blow our cover.
"I know. But you have to realize how much I love you. I never meant to hurt you. Pyro was always just a friend. It was just... I would get angry when you tried to hold me down, and I'd seek the freedom that Pyro gave me. He allowed me to be bad." I explain. "And that made me think that maybe I didn't belong with the X-Men. You don't need someone who has an aching desire to go out and ruin everything. I started feeling that my place in the X-Men was lost."
"Don't try to pin this on us!" He retorts.
"I'm not, Cyclops." I stand, making my way towards him. "I'm not."
"You don't see how much you've hurt me, do you?" His voice begins to weaken.
"I do! Of course, I do." I kneel down in front of him. "Please, try to forgive me. Please take me back. I'm nothing without you and the X-Men!"
"You really think that begging me to take you back is going to work? After everything you did?" The anger returns to his voice.
"I hope it will." I whisper. "I love you."
"I'm not that weak. Of course, I want to forgive you. Of course, I still love you. But what's the point? You've shown me that you're always just going to hurt me!" His reply is strong and considered.
"No! I promise, if you took me back, I'd never hurt you again!" I can feel my voice become strained as the tears push to be released.
"How am I supposed to believe anything you say not, Ardor? You promised no more secrets, remember? And then, on top of that, you told me you hated Pyro when I found out about you. Your recent actions don't seem to show me that you hate him."
"I needed a team. He was there, I-"
"You know that's not what I'm talking about." He cuts me off.
"Last night was a mistake. I was lonely and he was saying all these things and then there was fire and I wanted to make you jealous and..." I trail off. I don't know what to say anymore.
"That didn't make me jealous. It broke me. Because it proved you didn't want me anymore." He whispers.
"No! I'll always want you. You have to believe me! Pyro is just a friend." I allow the first tear to fall.
"So, tell me one thing." He starts. "If he's just a friend, surely I'm more important to you than him, yes?"
"Of course!" I speak up.
"Then why couldn't you see that your actions were always going to hurt someone? If you ignored him, he would get hurt, but if you continued your disgusting affair, I would get hurt. Why did you choose to hurt me?" The last question is weak and breaks my heart.
"I didn't." I whisper, looking up at him.
"You did. You always chose him over me, Ardor. Why can't you see that?" He's right. I did. By not telling Scott about the note at the club, I chose John. By letting him go when the X-Men were looking for him, I chose John. By giving in to our connection, I chose John. By hiding it from Scott, I chose John. By kissing him in our connection, I chose John. By running to him when Scott found out, I chose John. I shouldn't have. Ever.
"Evelyn?" John is in my mind. "Don't you see you chose me for a reason?"
"Go away!" My thoughts are louder and angrier than ever.
"Choosing him was crazy. When I have someone as perfect, talented and loving as you, how could I even look at anyone else?" I place my hand on his fist, which is balled up so tight with anger, that his knuckles are white.
"That's the thing," He pulls his hand away. "You don't have me. Not anymore."
"I'm not losing you, Cyclops. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. From that moment we spoke at prom, that moment you saved me, I've been entranced by you. And since that day, every day, I've woken up with one person in my mind." I stand and bend forwards slightly so that our faces are level. "The boy with the red sunglasses."
"Well, I'm sure the boy with the silver lighter will make a perfect replacement." He turns his face away from my own.
"No. No one could ever replace you. When I left the mansion, my heart was torn apart. You saved me, gave me a new life. Without you, I'd be nothing." I place my hands on his face and guide him to face me. "Yes, I lied to you. But I never cheated. I could never cheat on you. I love you too much."
"But you hurt me. After you knew everything I've already been through, you still hurt me." His voice is weaker than ever.
"I know. But I promise I will never hurt you again. If you take me back, I'll never contact Pyro again. I'll be the perfect X-Man, as well as the perfect girlfriend." I look deep into his visor and hope our eyes connect behind it somewhere.
"Maybe, in time, I'll learn to trust you again. But right now... Right now, I can't see a future where getting back with you doesn't mean a world of heartbreak for me." His words give me hope. Maybe, in time.
"I can. Do you remember that day, when you asked me to marry you one day, and raise a bunch of cute mutant babies? We can still have that. If you want me and my mutant babies, you can still have us." I stroke my thumb through his hair.
"Of course I still want that." He whispers.
"Then, take me back and you can have that. I will spend the rest of my life making up for this, I swear!" I lean down and kiss him on the cheek. "I love you more than you could ever know."
"I- I can't." He says almost inaudibly.
"Ummm, guys?" Bobby appears beside us. "You may have been too busy making me feel extremely uncomfortable to have heard, but Marvel Girl says it's done."
"What did she say, Iceman?" Scott switches back into X-Man mode, ending our conversation.
"She said that they successfully used the link between her and the professor to channel his abilities of mind control and convince the head security officer to relay the message me planned." Bobby says quickly, although I can tell by his expression that he doesn't fully understand what he's saying.
"About the bomb and the evacuation?" Scott stands.
"Yeah, and to trust us." Bobby replies.
"Perfect. Let’s go!" Scott heads towards the door.
"Guys, there's a problem." Jean's voice is in our heads.
"Voltage took a look at the bomb." She starts.  "There's only six minutes on the counter. There's no way that anyone is going to get out in time."

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