The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


43. The Treasure Hunt

I drive Scott's car around helplessly. How am I supposed to know where he is? The professor said the person who took Scott wants to be found. Where is somewhere obvious? The institute? No, between us we would've found him. Plus, how could the person get into the institute to put him there with all the heightened security? How much did the dark haired man know about us (for now, I have to assume it's him who has taken Scott)? He knew our names, our abilities and he knew that the others lived at the institute. He must've known those things for a while because the methods used to restrain and torture us must've taken some planning. He also must have known that Scott and I were together. Why else would he have planned that torture for Scott? He's been watching us. That's all I can assume. These things all just suggest he's been watching us.
I turn the car around quickly and head to the street that I terrorized just hours ago. Police tape still flutters around over the road but it's late and there is no one to be seen.
I pull up on the side of the road and step out of the car. If he has been watching us, this is the last place he would've seen us together, and the place where he must've taken Scott. I stroll down the middle of the dark abandoned road searching for something, anything that will give me a clue to where they are. That's when I hear it, a gentle, metallic chink coming from below my left foot. I step back and bend down. There, glinting in the moonlight, is the broken necklace that I had torn off in the dressing room earlier. Scott must have found it. I pick it up gently and notice that part of the chain feels wet in my hands. Holding it up to the moonlight I see the crimson liquid sparkle. Blood. Something tells me this isn't just a coincidence, this is a clue. But what could it mean?
Once I am sat in the car again, I set my mind to figure out would the hint could suggest. I sigh. What if I never figure this out? I slip the pendant from the chain and hold it gentle in my palm. It's difficult to think how happy we were twenty four hours ago, how much I've messed up in a day. My mind floats back to yesterday evening, when Scott gave me the pendant. When we sat up on the grass, overlooking town and- wait. What if that's it? What if Scott's kidnapper is directing me to where I was given the necklace? If he's been watching us, it would make sense. I perform an extremely illegal U-turn and speed back up the road I came.
Soon, I reach the grassy bank with the tall oak tree at which me and Scott had spent such a perfect evening last night. My guilt chooses this inappropriate moment to set in. I can't believe what I've done to him. I need to tell him I'm sorry - for everything. But for now, I need to save him!
I rush up to the tree and notice a small, dark, shadowed shape leant against it. I bend down to pick it up, my heels sinking in the grass. It's a football. I football with a blood stained knife stabbed into it. I resist the strong urge to gag and wretch at the sight. The blood on the necklace was a small amount that could've come from any minor wound. This knife, however, is covered almost to the hilt in the red liquid, with deep red stains splattered over the football too. I drop the ball quickly and step back. I know where this clue is sending me, and the answer scares me. It's sending me to the school football field.
This means he's been watching us potentially since that first night, at prom. I can't help but shake with fear. He could know about my mom, about Sara... Oh god! I begin to notice my overwhelming feeling of nausea again. I run back to the car and start the engine so quickly that I'm barely sat down before I begin to drive. I take numerous deep breaths to suppress my fear and rapid heart rate. I have to stay calm, for Scott.
I pull up outside the school and close my eyes for a moment. Come on, Evelyn, you can do this! I take one final strong breath and get out of the car. Once I am standing, I ignite my hair. The school is far more private than any of the other places I've been sent tonight.
I walk strongly around the side of the building, pushing away the urge to sprint to the next clue, and scanning the area around me for traps or clues or anything at all relating to the dark haired man.
Soon, I reach the centre of the football field. I can't help but notice the bleachers where Scott and I used to sit at lunch.
"Ah, Evelyn." I turn to see the dark haired man behind me. "I was afraid you wouldn't find my clues."
"What have you done with Scott?" I growl, running my hand through my hair, and so, igniting it.
"I've got to admit, I much prefer your outfit to that colourful piece Scott's wearing." He smiles that disgusting smile again. "Blood would show up less on black than blue as well, right?"
I flick my flaming hand out and hold it next to his cheek.
"I said, what have you done with Scott?!" I yell over the gentle roar of the flames. "I'm not afraid to burn your face off, I hope you know that."
"Scott's fine, for now." For now? What is he planning?
"Where is he?" I demand, moving my burning hand closer to his face.
"I'll take you to him." His says calmly. What? That was too easy?
Suddenly, there is a sharp pain at the back of my burning scalp and everything goes black.

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