The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


21. The Leader of the X-Men

We stumble into the professor's office just in time, much to Scott's annoyance. However, when we arrive, we find ourselves alone with the professor.
"Where are the others?" Scott asks, looking around the room.
"Good question, Scott." The professor answers, gesturing at the seats in front of him. "They will not be arriving for another quarter of an hour or so. I wanted to speak to you to alone first."
I wonder temporarily who 'the others' are. What are their abilities? How old are they? Are they new to this whole mutant thing, like me?
"Scott, as soon as I met you, I noticed you gave off the impression of a great leader, and that is what I intend to make you. If you accept my offer, I would like you to lead my X-Men." the professor says softly, his voice almost monotone.
"Bu- But- I ca- I mean... I'm just a kid. I- I can't possibly take on that responsibility on my- my own!" Scott stutters, sitting up in his chair.
"Which is precisely why Evelyn is here too," I look up at the sound of my name. "I have observed the obvious connection between you two and could not think of a better support for my team's new leader."
"So, you want me to be- what? A vice leader or something?" I smirk. What is he going on about?
"In a way, I suppose, yes. I would like you to guide Scott, help him see that the decisions he will be making are right or wrong. And, of course, be his main back up in combat." He drops his hands into his lap and continues. "Yes, the X-Men are a team. But I need both of you to guide them. I need you, Scott, to try to be the best leader you possibly can, and you, Evelyn, to show him that he can achieve that."
Scott nods once. "I'll do it. Well, I'll do it if Evelyn agrees to help me." All eyes turn to me. Oh gosh.
"Ummm. Yeah. Yeah, I guess I'll do it." I shrug, agreeing before I can change my mind.
"Thank you, both of you." The professor smiles. "Now if you'd like to meet the others in the dressing room down the hall, I will be in in about five minutes."
Dressing room? What? Scott stands and starts to head towards the door. I hurry myself to catch up with him.
As we start down the corridor he leans down and kisses my cheek.
"So, how does it feel to be second in command of the X-Men?" He smiles.
"Wait. Does this mean you can give me orders?" I laugh, as we slow our walking to a halt.
"I guess it does." I lean against the wall and he moves closer to me. "You have to do what I say."
"Of course, Mr Summers, whatever you say." I ooze, with what I hope is sexy sarcasm.
"My first action as leader of the X-Men, Miss James, is to command that you kiss me right now!" His voice drips with mock authority, which is strangely attractive. I can't wait for him to starting bossing me around for real!
I comply with his command immediately. His body pushes mine against the wall as he deepens the kiss. I pull away gently.
"Don't take advantage of your post Mr Summers." I whisper. Before slipping out from under his body and moving down the hallway. When I reach the door labelled 'Dressing Room' I turn towards my boyfriend, and now, leader. He is still leant against the wall in the same spot, watching me with an amused smirk on his face. I roll my eyes.
"Come on! You're going to be late, Summers!" I sing down the corridor to him.
"Bad habit!" He calls as I step through the door into the so called 'dressing room'.
When in the room, I notice Jean Grey and two boys I do not recognize sat on wooden chairs in the corner of the room, opposite four doors, two single doors framing a set of double doors in the centre of the wall.
"Evelyn, it’s so nice to see you again." Jean says politely, smiling as she rises from her seat. Damn, this girl is irritatingly perfect.
"You too," I reply softly, hiding well how annoying I find her. I have no reason to dislike her, but every time I think of her I just... Ugh. Little miss perfect with her perfect hair, perfect face and perfect mutation. Is there seriously anything wrong with her?
At that moment, Scott enters the room. I turn and smile at him, taking my attention from Mrs Perfection. I hold out my hand and he takes it.
"Ugh. Get a room!" The shorter brunette boy calls, laughing.
"Evelyn, this is Robert Drake." Scott introduces me. The boy stands and extends his hand. I shake it, pulling away quickly - how is his hand so cold? Jeez!
"Call my Bobby." He smiles a perfectly white smile.
"Evelyn." I respond, smiling back automatically. I swear this boy's grin is contagious!
"This is Warren." Bobby gestures over his shoulder. "He's probably too rich for his own good."
"Shut up, Bobby!" Warren spits. I peer over Bobby's shoulder to see the second boy. He is tall and thin, with gentle blond hair and strong facial features. He is strangely beautiful.
"Good morning students." I turn to see the professor entering the room.
"Good morning Charlie!" Bobby sings in a high pitch, mocking tone. I stifle a laugh. He has a point. This is very 'Charlie's Angels'.
It is only now that I see quite how different we all are. We're here for the same reason. We're all mutants. Yet our personalities are so varying. I can see that already, though I met these people just minutes ago. Me and Jean share our similarities, but only very few. Where I would snap and insult a person, I could imagine her smiling and walking away. She definitely smiles a lot.
Scott and Bobby seem very different so far. Bobby seems to enjoy joking around and having fun whereas Scott... Scott likes to get things done, I suppose. Maybe being around Bobby will make Scott lighten up?
I look to Warren now. It may be wrong to stereotype, but from the little I know of him, I think I know his type. Even from the way he holds himself I can see that he most likely views himself quite highly. And if what Bobby says is true, that he is rich, then that reinforces my point in a way. I notice that he is staring intently at something; I follow his gaze to... Jean? She turns to look at him and they both blush slightly and turn away. Oooooh! Gossip! I so wish I could share this with Sara.
"Although you believe this will be your first training session," the professor's low voice forces me to re order my thoughts. "Scott has recently been badly injured, and so, we won't have any physical training for at least another week."
"But professor-" Scott objects.
"No, Scott. We will begin training when you are fit again." The professor states strongly.
Scott sighs and his body sinks slightly. I'm pretty sure he's probably feeling guilty for taking the training session from the others. Of course, he needn't feel that way. I, for one, am glad we don't have to do anything physical for a while. I'm exhausted!
"So, today, I decided we should do something more fun." The professor smiles. I still don't trust this guy, but I can't help but like him! "Today we will be deciding on the more interesting factors that are involved in becoming an X-Man."
"Like what?" Bobby steps forward. Bobby seems nice; I'd like to get to know him better.
"Well, we are in the dressing room." The professor taps some buttons on a square control panel screwed to the wall. The double doors open to expose another room. The room is empty other than glass cabinets down the wall that hold different outfits.
"We have uniforms?" Jean asks, yet again smiling. Does she ever look sad?
The professor nods and gestures that we follow him into the room.
Wow. This is it. The first step in becoming an X-Man.

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