The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


28. The Cube (Scott's POV)

No! They've taken her. They've taken Evelyn. They knocked her out and took her away from me. They won't hurt her! They can't! I won't let them! Argh! This is all my fault! If I had just-
"Scotty," I look up to see the dark haired man smiling at me "we have a surprise for you!"
A bright light flicks on in front of me and I turn my face away. Once my eyes have adjusted, I return my gaze to what has been unveiled in front of me. I catch my breath at the painful sight before me.
There is a large glass cube about three meters away from where I am held. The cube itself must be at least two meters high and wide. It is what the cube contains that disgusts me. The bottom 50cm cube is full of clean, transparent water that sparkles as the small amount of light within the room filters through it. The water level rises slowly. And caged within the water, restrained by a brown leather strap on each limb, is Evelyn. She thrashes about desperately, her hair alight. She screams my name.
"No! No! Let her go, you bastards! Let her go!" I scream, desperately tugging against the straps that hold my wrists. The water rises more, touching her thighs.
"Shhhh," the man's face is in line with mine. "Shhh, Scotty. Let me explain this to you."
"You make me sick!" I spit, not taking my eyes off Evelyn.
He laughs. "As I was saying, this demonstration is to show you just how worthless your mutation actually is! You could so easily rescue your sweet, mutant girlfriend if you could just access your glasses. But, oh wait, I have you restrained. So, instead, you watch her die."
"No," my voice is unrecognizably weak. The water keeps rising.
"Isn't it fascinating how something as strong and powerful as fire can be extinguished so easily?" The man nods to someone out of sight and water crashes down over Evelyn's face. Her flames hiss as they fizzle out. I can hear my wavering breaths. This can't be happening. I can't lose her so soon! "She did put up a fight, bless her. But, like I said, fire is extinguished easily."
"Please, I'll give you anything you want. Please, don't do this!" I beg, turning to face my torturer for the first time. He straightens and begins to walk away. The water reaches her hips.
"You will give me what I want anyway, so I'll leave you to enjoy this!" He exits the room.
"Please! Please!" I shout. "Please, don't do this!"
Evelyn's muffled cries join the sounds of the pained mutants around me. I turn to the hunched figure beside me.
"Jean! I need you to help me!" The water reaches her waist. "Jean, please!" No response.
I scream in frustration. If Jean could just access her telekinesis, she could remove my glasses and I could save Evelyn! The liquid laps at her chest.
"Argh!" Think Scott, think! I won't let you die here, Evelyn! It's at her neck now.
"Help me!" Her muffled begs sting my ears.
"Please, let her go! Please!" I shout out to anyone who's listening. "I'm beg-"
"Scott!" A familiar voice breaks through my plea. I look to my left to find the source.
"Warren?" It becomes increasingly difficult to speak around the lump in my throat.
"Scott, I have a plan." I look from the blood covered angel beside me to the drowning girl in front of me.
"Warren, this is serious!" I growl. My girlfriend in drowning before my eyes, is there anything more serious? The water covers her mouth now.
"I know." He looks directly at me. "Trust me."
I nod quickly. "Okay."
I watch intently as the tall blond boy across from me wiggles and fidgets against his spikey restraints. I wince slightly as I watch more crimson liquid trickle down his clean white feathers. I finally risk the glance that I had been avoiding for so long. Evelyn is completely submerged now. She thrashes around hopelessly, just tiring herself out. She begins to look weaker and weaker. I don't think she can last much longer. I want to scream and shout at Warren to hurry up, but what good would that do? Just possibly alert our capturers that we're doing something. I see the Evelyn's eyes slip closed.
"No! No, Evelyn, don't you dare close your eyes! Stay awake for me!" I shout helplessly.
My mind fuzzes with lack of control. These damn glasses! If I could control my god damn mutation I wouldn't be seeing this right now!
"Scott!" Warren hisses. I turn to look at him and notice that his right wing rest limply against the wooden arm of the chair. The high proportion of his feathers are now stained red with blood. Why would he do this to himself?
"Scott, I'm going to knock the headphones off Jean." He nods to the girl between us. "I need you to get her attention; she can then telekinetically remove you glasses. Are you ready?"
I nod. I am ready. I'm ready to save my love.
"Good." He bites his lip in concentration. He flicks his obviously painful wing and the headphones that separate Jean from reality fly from her head.
"Jean!" I say immediately. Her chorus of sobs ceases. "Jean, Evelyn's trapped! I need you to remove my glasses when I say, okay?"
"Okay," her voice wavers with emotion. I look towards the cube. Evelyn's body is limp now. Panic shoots through me, but I take a deep breath to suppress it. I have to stay calm. My eyes focus on the bottom corner of the cube, ensuring I avoid hitting Evelyn.
"Jean, now!" I order. My glasses fall away and I watch as the contents on the cube fall towards me. I close my eyes, and guess at where my cuffs are before opening them twice more, thus, freeing my hands. I retrieve the glasses that float next to my head and see Evelyn for the first time. I rush down to her and quickly blast off her shackles, then repeating the process with the other three mutants. I pull Evelyn off the ground gently, she coughs and splutters, her body shaking violently.
"It's okay now, I've got you." I whisper and kiss her wet hair. "Stay here, I have to help the others."
I rush over to Jean who is quickly unravelling the wire from Warren's wings. Oh, god.
"It's okay, I've got this!" She assures me. "Help Bobby!"
I glance to where my youngest team mate is held. Although I broke his wrist restraints, the movement sensing torture mechanism Bobby is strapped into still remains intact.
"Okay, Bobby? This is going to hurt but I'm going to need you to keep as still as possible for me, yeah?" He winces and nods. That's good enough. I take a couple of steps back and raise my glasses. The metal box that held Bobby's hands makes a large crash and disappears from site. The boy before me whimpers slightly at the sight of his burnt and blistered hands, but takes a strong breath and stands. Wow. That is someone to look up to.
Suddenly, a hand grabs my shoulder. I spun quickly, ready to fight, but instead find Evelyn.
"Talk to Jean, see if she can use her telepathy to find a way out. I need to see Bobby."

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