The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


54. The Argument

"Godammit, Evelyn! Why the hell did you just do that?" Scott yells as we all jump into the car.
"He deserved it." I mumble, look down as Scott starts the engine and begins to speed back to the institute.
"I thought we were going to restrain from using our powers?" Jean comments, as an obvious dig at me and my actions. I resist the strong urge to turn around and snap back at her, instead choosing to simply ignore her. I'm not wasting my breath.
"He was just being a guy!" Scott sounds panicked. "You didn't need to set him on fire!"
"He's hurt one too many people, I was just giving him what he needed." I cross my arms and slouch back in the passenger seat, sulking.
"We could've handled them." Scott sighs. "You're insane."
"Maybe I am! If being insane stops my boyfriend from getting attacked, I'm happy with that!" I look out of the window. Why is he so pissy? I just saved him from getting his ass kicked!
"Argh! You're so infuriating!" He yells, making the casual chit chat between the teens in the back seat fall to an awkward silence.
"I'm sorry I'm not as squeaky clean as the rest of the X-Men!" I state sarcastically, rolling my eyes. "I just think that not getting hurt is more important than keeping a positive image."
"You have no idea how much impact your actions have, do you?" He sounds like a teacher scolding a child.
"Stop treating me like a child! I thought I told you, you will never be my leader!" I turn my face back towards him. His eyes are set on the road and his hands grip the steering wheel tightly.
"Stop acting like one! Of course I will; you're in my team!" The silence continues behind us and I know they must be feeling more than awkward right now, but it doesn't stop me.
"Me acting like a child? What about you acting like a goddamn dictator?" I clear my throat and put on an extremely low and unrealistic impression of his voice. "'Oh, I'm Scott Summers, do as I say. My X-Men. I know best. Blah blah blah!' It's pathetic!" I hear Bobby laugh quietly behind me. Well, at least someone enjoyed my impression!
"I can't be with someone who's so damn irresponsible!" His body because more tense as he growls each word.
"Fine!" I snap. "Maybe I shouldn't be an X-Man!"
"Maybe I shouldn't be your boyfriend!" He hisses, his tone indicates that my last comment hurt him.
"Fine." I say defiantly, turning back to the window.
"Fine!" He finishes.
Then the car falls into silence. I watch my left hand as I click my fingers. The small flame hovers above my hand. I focus on it, my mind willing its movements, and observe how it twists and turns at my command. I then open up my hand and let the fire retract back into my palm. I repeat this process over and over.
"Would you cut that out?" Scott mumbles. I look over to him, holding the flames in my hand.
"Why? Scared I'll bring shame to your precious X-Men again?" My tone is ripe with sarcasm.
"No. It's annoying." His voice is forceful and strong.
"It's therapeutic." I say, shooting him a look.
"Ugh. Just stop it!" He turns to look at me quickly, before setting his eyes back on the road.
"Ass." I mumble inaudibly at Scott. He hisses something unintelligible in reply.
Luckily, we arrive at the institute at that moment. Before the car has even fully come to a stop, I am out. Warren jumps out after me, chasing me up the steps to the mansion.
"Evelyn! Wait!" He calls.
"Leave me alone!" I order, feeling the familiar lump return in my throat, as I realize what just happened. Did I just lose Scott?
"Please?" He begs. I sigh and slow at the top of the steps.
"What?" My tone is harsh, but my voice wavers obviously, showing my true emotion. Jean and Bobby walk past us with their heads down. Are they scared of me, or just embarrassed for me?
"He'll come round." Warren's voice is calm and soft. "You just need to give him time to calm down. Then you guys can talk it over."
"Warren, I-" I now notice Scott walking towards the steps after parking the car. His eyes are on me. Fine. If he's gunna dump me, I'm gunna show him that I don't care.
I quickly grab Warren's shirt and pull him to me, making him gasp in surprise. I kiss him, hard. I keep my eyes open and watch Scott climb the steps next to me.
"Mature." He moans sarcastically. Ugh! This is gunna be harder than I thought!
"Oh, Warren! I have nowhere to sleep tonight. Mind if I share with you?" My voice is sleek and seductive.
Warren's expression is one of confusion. "Urrrrr..."
"I mind." Scott snaps, taking my hand roughly and tugging me through the door, leaving a puzzled Warren outside alone.
"Let go of me!" I protest, tugging my hand away from his.
"I can understand your immaturity leading you to the conclusion that kissing him would be a good idea," Scott avoids using Warren's name. "But seriously? Inviting him to bed?"
"Well, you don't want me in yours. So I might as well make use of myself." I mumble, inspecting my chipped nail varnish casually.
"Listen to yourself!" He yells. "Do you have any idea how stupid you're making yourself look?"
"Goodnight, Scott." My voice is strong, the lump in my throat pushed away. "I'll be in Warren's room if you need me."
"The hell you will!" He pushes me against the wall, holding my hands above my head and kisses me.
I want to hate it. I want to want to push him away. But I don't. Instead, I find it insanely hot. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist. He carries us towards our bedroom.
"This doesn't change anything!" I pant between forceful kisses.
"Shut up!" He growls.
"Asshole!" I hiss, before kissing him again.

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