The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


35. The Agreement

When we get back to the institute, it's already past midnight. However, there is light and noise coming from the large lounge. Scott looks at me with a quizzical expression and I shrug in reply. We slowly make our way over to the door and look into the room. The TV is on and the local news blares loudly. The professor talks quietly to Bobby and Jean, who are perched on the sofa to our right. Warren - who is wearing a shirt for the first time in around 48 hours - is the only one to notice us, and walks over from the armchair he was sat in. He still looks weak and tired, but it's good to see him on his feet.
"We have some bad news." He explains. I look up at Scott, who gives my hand a reassuring squeeze.
"What's happened?" His voice is calm and controlled.
"The police searched the old church after the commotion of the other night was reported to them." This isn't a good start. "And the news channel just reported that there was no one found."
"Dammit!" Scott slams his fist against the doorframe, making me jump and attracting the attention of Bobby and Jean. "I knew I should've gotten rid of that bastard when I had the chance!"
"Wait... I mean... We can't- It won't- He wouldn't come after us now, would he? Not after we beat him once already?" I stammer. It's weird how this is just regular news to everyone out side of this room. To my mum this is just 'another hooligan who needs to be caught for causing a disruption and damaging a historical building'. But to us, to the X-Men, this could be a life or death situation.
"Maybe not. But we can't risk it!" Scott pushes past me and Warren and storms over to the professor. "We need to start physical training now!"
"No, Scott." The professor’s voice is strong and certain. "Your ribs aren't healed, Bobby needs to abstain from using his powers until the blisters on his hands have completely gone, and Warren could definitely not withstand that much physical exercise. If he was to reopen any of his wounds, he may never fly again!"
"Fine, Warren sits out. But I say we train Bobby without his powers. And my ribs are fine!" Scott raises his voice. I hurry over to him.
"No, they're not. I see the pain in your expression when you twist your body a certain way, or when I hug you too tight. You're not healed at all." I place my hand on his arm as a caring gesture. He shrugs it off.
"I'm not letting him get the better of us again!" He hisses.
"No one will get the better of you, Scott." The professor's tone remains calm. "Now we know that there is a chance someone may try to infiltrate the institute, we have heightened the security measures. Plus, if you were to train now, you may worsen your injuries and not be able to fight at all."
"You're making the wrong decision, Charles." He takes my hand and pulls me towards the door. "Come on, Evelyn. We're going to bed."
"Hey!" I protest as he tugs me down the corridor. "Hey! Let go!"
He releases my hand and turns back to face me. "I suppose you agree with him."
"Well, yeah. I do." I admit, my voice small and quiet. "I don't want to see you get hurt."
"I don't want to watch my girlfriend die!" He states strongly, before storming away from me.
"Scott," I sigh and follow him. "That's not going to happen. The professor said this place's security is the best it can be."
"Yes, maybe the institute is. But you don't live at the institute. You don't go to school at the institute. You're not safe." He calls, still walking and not even turning to look at me.
"Oh," is all I find to reply. I follow Scott into his room.
"You're not safe out there." He sounds more defeated than angry now, as he falls to sit on his bed.
"I know, it's just-"
"You have to move in here. At least for now. The professor can make up a cover story for your mom and the school." He looks at me now, as I sit slowly beside him.
"I can't." Surely, it's not that simple?
"Please. I can't sleep knowing you're out there, alone, vulnerable-"
"I'd hardly say I was vulnerable." I joke. He doesn't laugh.
"I'm so scared of losing you, Evelyn. The other night... I- I can't do that again." I don't want to see him like this.
"Fine." I sigh. "But only for a week."
"But what if-"
"No." I cut off his argument. "A week or nothing."
He kisses me and whispers "Thank you."
"What about bedrooms and stuff? I don't have any clothes here." I wrinkle my nose.
"We can pick up some of your stuff tomorrow morning." He is visibly happier already. "Bedroom wise... Hmm... I guess you'll have to share with me." His trademark cheeky smile claims his lips.
"But Scott, there's plenty of empty rooms..." I joke, faking innocence.
"No point dirtying two beds for the sake of a week." His smile grows.
"Hmmm... I guess you're right. Maybe we should-"
He cuts me off with a strong kiss. I moan slightly and kiss him back.
"I love you, Evelyn James." He pants.
"I love you too, Scott Sum-" he kisses me again. Wow. He's seriously gotta stop cutting me off like that! I return his kiss with equal passion. He pushes me slightly with his body and we fall down so I am lying on the bed and he is propped up above me. I push his suit jacket off his arms and he flicks it onto the floor, hurriedly moving his hands back to my waist. He is so hot! I slowly start to unbutton his shirt, my fingers brushing again his warm skin. He kisses me harder.
Three harsh knocks on the door snap us away from our passionate moment.
"Hey... Umm, Scott? The professor wants to speak with you." Bobby's voice is muffled by the wooden door. Scott sighs heavily, he seems exasperated.
"I'll be right there," he calls back, sitting up and rebuttoning his shirt. I giggle to myself.
"What's so funny, great fiery one?" I laugh more at the strange nickname.
"You might want to check your shirt." I stifle another giggle, as he looks down at himself. He sighs again when he notices that none of the buttons he just did up align properly. He swats my thigh playfully.
"Stop distracting me then!" He laughs as he redoes the buttons for the second time.
Once he is suitably clothed, he bends down and kisses my forehead.
"I'm sorry about this. I'll get back as soon as I can, okay?" I nod and yawn slightly. It's been a long day.
After Scott has left the room, I stand and stroll over to his wardrobe - I have nothing to sleep in. Then sleep in nothing - the rude voice in my head sings before I push it away. I open the large wooden doors and flick through Scott's clothes, searching for something suitable. I soon come across a plain white T-shirt. Perfect. I remove my dress and hang it up on the outside of the wardrobe, before slipping into Scott's shirt. It smells like him. I sag slightly as I relax and take in the scent. It smells like safety, like home. I smile to myself as I crawl into bed. I hope Scott's back soon; this double bed feels far too empty with just me occupying it. I let my eyes droop closed and hope for sleep to come to me. It doesn't. I wait. Nothing. I try staring at a point. Closing my eyes. Counting sheep. Peeling back the cover. Lying on my front. Lying on my back. Nope. Nothing.
I feel tired. Why can't I sleep? You're scared. The voice in my head tells me. Maybe it's right. Yes, I've slept here before, but it's pretty scary, especially without Scott. I hear a door shut down the hall and jump. Yeah. I'm definitely scared. The door to Scott's room opens slightly and light seeps in. I lift the duvet up to cover all of my face below my eyes. I blink at the shadow in the doorway. It steps forward and I sigh with relief - Scott.
"Hey. You still awake?" He asks, stroking my hair when he reaches me.  I nod silently. He kisses my forehead softly. "I'm sorry that took so long. It's just-"
"Come to bed?" I beg, making him smile.
"Of course." He removes his shirt and slides his pants from his legs, before slipping into bed behind me and wrapping his arm around me. I note he doesn't remove his glasses.
"You're wearing my shirt." He comments, his voice sounding tired.
"Uh huh." I whisper in reply.
I feel him smile against my neck. "I like it."

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