The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


89. Spin the Bottle

Okay. So, I stuck to Scott's rule of no parties... Sort of. I invited Sara over and she decided that when I said 'bring a little something to drink' I actually meant 'bring a lot of something to drink'.
So, that's how we ended up where we are now. I am sat in a circle with a drunk sixteen year old mutant, an over protective Scott Summers, a tipsy non-mutant best friend, an excitable telepath, and a strangely cheerful Warren, about to play spin the bottle. Of course, this can only go badly (especially with Bobby wanting to show off his spectacular skills to the pretty new blond girl every five minutes).
"Hey, Sara!" Bobby speaks up again. "Do you wanna see what I can do to this-"
"Bobby! Honey, Sara doesn't go here, remember?" I jab him in the ribs with my elbow. "She won't understand your party trick!"
"You're such a spoil sport, Evelyn!" He crosses his arms and begins to sulk, forcing me to smile slightly.
"Come on!" Sara exclaims happily. "Are we gunna play or not?"
"Okay, we'll go clockwise around the circle, starting with Jean." Warren looks more relaxed than I've seen him in a long time. "So, Jean, spin and whoever it lands on, you have to kiss."
"No cute pecks either!" Sara cuts in. "A proper kiss!"
I roll my eyes and smirk at Sara's party girl attitude.
"That's a bad habit." Scott whispers in my ear. I bite my lip at his sexy tone. He always gets so... Intimate when alcohol is involved.
I watch as the bottle Jean had just spun begins to slow. And then I notice her hand move slowly up to her head. To the unknowing eye, it would just look as if she was fiddling with her hair, but I know better - she's using her telekinesis. And, of course, the bottle stops pointing directly at my boyfriend! Part of me wants to rip her hair out, but then I remind myself that it's Scott's birthday, and I don't want to ruin it.
Jean leans in and kisses him, but, to my satisfaction, Scott doesn't seem too into it. It still irritates me enough to encourage me to pout and raise my eyebrows like a stroppy teenager!
"Next!" Sara squeals, taking hold of the bottle between us and spinning it. "Meeeee!"
It lands on Warren, which Sara is obviously not disappointed with! She wastes no time in clambering over the circle to reach her prize. She falls heavily into his lap and kisses him with passion that quite obviously takes him by surprise. We all laugh when she finally pulls away from him with an exaggerated 'mwah'.
"Okay, Scotty-boy!" She announces, climbing back to her original place. Her nickname for him makes me smirk slightly. "Your turn."
"Oh god." He laughs, and twists the bottle in his fingers. It spins quickly and I silently pray for it to land on me. I haven't kissed him enough yet! But unfortunately, as it slows it passes me... And then passes Bobby... And falls again on Warren.
"You've got to be kidding me right?" Scott sounds completely unamused.
"This is just weird!" Warren protests.
"Oh, come on! Don't be boring!" I laugh. I have no problem with two attractive boys kissing.
"Seriously? You're really going to make me do this?" His face turns a light pink, so I kiss him lightly on the cheek. He's too innocent sometimes. This is just a normal thing at the parties I used to go to!
"Come on, birthday boy! It's the rules!" Sara chimes in.
"Fine!" He sighs. "Whatever!"
Warren shakes his head and rolls his eyes, but his smile gives him away. Sara starts of a lively chant of 'kiss him, kiss him' and soon we all join in. To my surprise, the pair actually kiss. And to be bluntly honest, it's pretty damn hot! But of course, the fall back quickly, both blushing largely. I giggle and squeeze Scott's arm.
"I told you that you too would kiss and make up!" I tease.
"Oh, shut up!" He laughs. "It's your turn."
I place my fingers on the bottle and temporarily wish I was some super genius who could figure out exactly how hard to spin to make it land on Scott. But I'm not a super genius, so I just have to rely on luck! I twist my fingers back and spin the glass bottle as hard as I can.
"You do realize that I'm gunna kick your ass for making me do that!" Scott hisses playfully in my ear.
"Save it for the bedroom, Summers!" I growl.
Suddenly, the circle erupts into a chorus of 'oooh's. Oh god, who have I got? I glance down at the bottle and the follow its path up to... Jean. Dammit! I hear Scott laugh beside me.
"I guess it’s your turn to kiss and make up now!" He mocks me.
"Shut up!" I punch him lightly on the arm, laughing. This is no big deal for me. Five years of Sara's parties have taught me pretty well how to deal with kissing people I don't want to.
We lean into the centre of the circle and kiss quickly. I have to admit, she is quite a good kisser! Warren, being a typical boy, decides that wolf whistling would be an appropriate action.
"Hey!" I protest, laughing.
"What?" He holds up his hands in mock surrender. "It's two girls kissing!"
"Guys are such perverts!" I roll my eyes. They don't need to know that I found Scott and Warren's kiss hot. I smirk to myself at the thought.
"Bobby-baby!" Sara calls yet another imaginative nickname. "Your turn!"
Bobby places his fingers on the bottle and narrows his eyes, sticking his tongue out in concentration. I can't help but giggle. He spins quickly. Unfortunately, my giggles come to an abrupt stop when the bottle lands on me.
"Woah!" I exclaim. "He's like my brother! I can't-"
"Rules are rules!" Sara holds up her index finger to silence me.
"Okay." I sigh. So, I said I was used to kissing people I didn't want to, not kissing cute sixteen year old who have grown to be like family to me! I moan and turn to the boy beside me. We kiss and all I can think about is what his mother would say. Pulling away quickly, I decide that that comment means I need more to drink! I reach behind Scott and retrieve a bottle of something. Who knows what this stuff is now! Sara went through a stage about an hour ago of mixing everything left into a few bottles. So, this is probably a deadly concoction of alcohol, but I'm too boring at the moment. I need to liven up a bit! I quickly drink the remnants of the bottle and discard it behind me. I turn back to the group just in time to see the bottle point to me yet again!
"What now?" I moan.
"Warren." Scott says a little too seriously, his jealousy clear. Good. I want him to feel as jealous as I felt she Jean kissed him!
"Oh. Okay." I reply cheerfully, quickly moving around a chuckling Bobby and kneeling in front of Warren, looking into his blue eyes sweetly.
"You sure you're okay with this?" Warren smirks.
"Uh huh." I nod.
"Okay then," He shrugs and leans towards me. Our lips meet and he kisses me softly. Of course, I already know from certain past experiences, but Warren is a pretty damn good kisser. Not as good as Scott, but definitely satisfying.
"Okay!" Scott grabs my waist and pulls me back to him, making me squeal and giggle.
"It's late." Jean announces, yawning. "I'm going to bed."
"Yeah, we should probably go too." Scott says behind me, leaning around to kiss my cheek.
"Awh!" Sara protests. "But I only got to kiss one guy!"
"You can kiss me?" Bobby suggests. I giggle at his words, drunk Bobby is weird!
"No offense, sugar, but you're a little young for me!" She stands, giving Bobby a quick peck on the cheek and setting her sights on a very intimidated Warren. "Night, Bobby-baby!"
"Awh!" Bobby sulks again.
"Come on, Bobby. Bed time." I say, help him up off the floor. He soon stumbles from the room and heads down the hallway.
"What about..." Scott stops and waves his hands in the general direction of where Sara literally falls over Warren. "I mean, if she tries to... You know! Then, she's gunna see his..." He pointedly raises his eyebrows instead of using the word 'wings'.
"Something tells me she won't get that far." If I know my friend, she won't be conscious for much longer.
"Woah!" Warren exclaims, right on cue, as Sara falls into his arms.
"Could you give me a hand, birthday boy?" I smile up at Scott, making him laugh slightly.
"Sure." He lifts Sara off Warren and all four of us leave the room.
Soon, we reach the door to our bedroom.
"Night, Warren. Sorry about Sara!" I say, blushing on her behalf.
"It's fine." He laughs.
"Could you do me a favour and check that Bobby found his way back to bed please?" I don't trust a drunken teenager. Especially not one who's cryokinetic.
"Sure. Thanks for a good night." He smiles a genuine smile. "It's been nice to act like kids again."
"Anytime." I reply, opening the door for Scott, who's carrying a now snoring Sara. "Night, Warren."
"Night, Evi." Evi? I smile. My friends at school used to call me that. This place is finally starting to feel like home.
"So, how was your birthday?" I ask Scott as I enter the room. "You know, other than..." I gesture at Sara, who Scott has placed carefully on some blankets on the floor.
He laughs. "Good. Great, actually."
"Really?" I change into his shirt quickly and slip into bed beside him.
"Yeah. I haven't really had anyone care about my birthday since my parents." He kisses me. "It was really nice - even if we both ended up kissing feather boy!" We both laugh.
"Well, now we're alone, I want to give you your present." I say sweetly.
"But I told you not to get me anything!" He looks puzzled.
"I wanted to!" I lift my pillow and retrieve a small black box. "I wasn't going to not buy my boyfriend a present for his eighteenth, was I?"
I hand him to box and he looks at it with a confused expression on his face. He straightens his glasses awkwardly.
"Can I open it?" He asks, with the same amount of bewilderment. I laugh.
"Of course you can open it, silly!" I shuffle up closer beside him. He snaps the box open to reveal a silver ring. "Look at what's engraved in it!" I urge.
He takes it out of the box and inspects it. The outside of the ring appears to be just a plain silver band. On the inside however, I have had a double helix DNA motif engraved all the way round. But between the two strands are the glyphs "I <3 U".
"Do you like it? Oh god. It's too weird, isn't it? Man, I knew I should've gone for the-"

He cuts me off with a kiss. A kiss with so much love and emotion that you would think he hand never received a birthday gift before.
"It's perfect." He whispers, slipping it onto the ring finger on his right hand. It's a perfect fit. "I love you too."
I smile at his words and give him one last kiss before settling down into bed and falling into a peaceful sleep.


**Okay, weird chapter, I know. But I thought the guys deserved some fun! What did you think? Also, I totally get that the imagery of the ring would be pretty difficult to get, so if you want me to sketch is out or something, let me know! :D**

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