The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


106. Rebound

"Who's this, Evi?" My mom asks as I enter the house followed by my two new team mates.
"This is John and Jasmine." Voltage tenses beside me at the sound of her real name. "Friends from school."
"Oh?" She eyes me suspiciously.
"Yeah." I smile. If she knows I'm lying, she doesn't call me out.
"Do you want anything?" Jeez, mum, this really isn't doing anything for my image. I'm supposed to be the leader of a freedom fighting super team.
"No. We're fine." I reply, a little too bluntly. But she seems to get the hint and hurries off into the kitchen. God, that was embarrassing.
"It was cute." John inputs telepathically. I shoot him a look.
"Come on." I order, quickly leading them up into my room to avoid any further embarrassment. I shut the door heavily. Surely I can be professional in here?
"Hey, what's this?" I turn to see John holding the small metal photo frame that was propped neatly on my nightstand.
"Give me that!" I order, reaching out to grab the frame. John quickly lifts it out of my reach.
"No." He wiggles it above my head like a child. I cross my arms and roll my eyes.
"Grow up, John." I moan. He brings the frame down to inspect it.
"Seriously?" He raises his eyebrows at me. "You really need to move on."
He tosses the frame casually onto my bed and I quickly snatch it up. I rub my thumb slowly over the photograph. It was taken after one of Scott's training sessions. I stand in the centre of the frame looking into the camera with a genuine smile on my face. Scott stands behind me, leaning round to kiss my cheek, his arms slung casually over my shoulders. Jean is stood to our left, laughing happily at Warren to our right, who has Bobby in a headlock. I smile fondly at the memory.
"I don't want to move on." I mumble, tucking the frame neatly under my pillow.
"I don't get you sometimes." John sits down on my bed. "You act so tough one minute, and then you have stuff like that in your room."
"And this." Voltage chips in, tapping her finger against the cork board leant up against the wall, where I have a newspaper clipping pinned. It has a large black and white photo of Scott from our first mission with the X-Men, under the bold, black word "HEROES?".
"Come on, Evelyn." John sighs. "That part of your life is over now."
"You try having your closest friends torn away from you." I quickly rip the newspaper clipping down and shove it into my pocket.
"I did. I lost you." John replies telepathically.
"That's not fair." I argue, our eyes meeting.
"Hey, guys." Voltage speaks up. "It would be really great if you could just talk instead of making me uncomfortable with your weird mind tricks."
"Sorry." I blush.
"Are we gunna sort out this plan or what?" She asks.

After a lengthy two hour discussion and four inappropriate telepathic comments from John, we have produced a sufficient plan for tomorrow. 
"We'll see you tomorrow then, yeah?" Voltage smiles back at me as she heads towards the door.
"Yep." Part of me is excited for tomorrow. This is the first thing we'll be doing as a team.  
"Ummm... Voltage?"  John speaks up awkwardly.
"Hmm?" She turns back to answer him.
"You go ahead. I need to talk to Ardor." Wait, what?
"If you're not out in five minutes, I'm going without you." She leaves my room quickly.
"This better be good." I mumble. To say that I feel awkward sat on my bed with a boy that I had a telepathic affair with just weeks ago would be an understatement.
"I know what you were thinking earlier." He looks deeply into my eyes, and somehow, I can't seem to look away.
"I don't know what you're talking about." I reply dismissively.
"You want a rebound."
"What? No." I snap back quickly.
"Yes." He corrects. "I heard it. I felt it."
"Stay out of my head, John." I warn.
"Fine. Don't use me to get over Scott," He pauses. "Use me to get back at Scott."
"What?" My voice is a weak whisper.
"He's obviously the jealous type." He shrugs. "Don't you think it would drive him crazy seeing you with me?"
"Well, yeah, but..." I trail off. But what? It would make Scott jealous. He would hate seeing me with anyone, let alone someone he despises so much. But is that fair? After everything I've done to him...
"Use me." John whispers, leaning closer to me. It's irritatingly sexy.
"Why would you let me do that to you?" I question. What is he trying to pull here?
"Because I screwed you over. I could at least help you get your life back." There is nothing about his words that would lead me to believe them, yet I still want to. For some reason, I want this to be the reason, and I'll try anything to believe it.
"I still can't forgive you." I say bluntly, partly to remind myself of that.
"Do you still wonder what it would be like to kiss me?" He asks telepathically, his eyes locked on mine.
"Yes." I confess.
"Now is your chance to find out." He decreases the gap between us.
"Pyro, you can't just-"
"There's still something there, Ardor. Don't lie to me. You still have feelings for me." Although I try to ignore it, I can feel that he genuinely cares for me.
"I know. But what you did... That is bigger than my feelings right now." I break our eye contact.
"Place your hand on mine, palm up." He orders gently, holding his hand out in front of him, his palm towards the ceiling.
"Why?" I am always suspicious to his motives.
"Please?" The sincerity in his tone gets to me and I obey his instructions. "Now, ignite your fire."
I click my fingers and a ball of flames floats delicately above our hands. He bends his fingers between mine, interlocking our hands and we watch as we take it in turns to toy with the flames. The tiny embers shoot off in all directions, fizzling out before they ignite anything else.
"Don't you see why we're so perfect together?" He asks through our connection. I feel him concentrate excessively, and allow him to take full control of the fire. It flickers around slightly, before focusing into the swirling shape of a love heart. I can't help but smile. It's beautiful.
"What we have... No one else in the world has this."
"You don't know that. We could have this connection with every pyrokinetic." I do not take my eyes from the burning heart as I think the words.
"The telepathy, possibly." He agrees. "But we share more than that, Ardor. You can try to pretend we don't, but you know it's true."
"I do." I whisper aloud, turning to look at him. Our faces are just inches apart.
"You don't have to hold back now. All those thoughts about how it would be if you were with another pyrokinetic, they can be more than thoughts now." His voice seems to erase the surroundings. And now it's just me and him.
"But what if-"
"No. Just for tonight, it can be me and you. How you've always wanted it." He whispers seductively. I feel the flames burn wilder in my hand, so extinguish them before they get out of control, lowering my hand to my lap.
"John," I breathe his name, but my mind is so locked in our connection and the emotion of the moment, that everything that has happened just feels so far away now. He's right. There is nothing stopping us being together now.
"I don't care about hiding it anymore." His voice reaches out in my mind. "I love you, Ardor."
"No." He tenses at the word. "Say it aloud. Use my real name."
"I love you, Evelyn James." And then I kiss him. All of the restraint I had before, everything that told me this was the worst idea in the world, all falls away. He pushes me down onto the bed as I run my hands up his body, pushing the leather jacket off his shoulders. He flicks it away quickly.
"You look amazing in your new outfit." I confess, not having to break the kiss to say it.
"Wanna see what I look like out of it?" I smirk against his lips at his words. My hands travel slowly down to the hem of his shirt and I tug it upwards slightly before he sits up and takes it off. I bite my lip at the sight of his gorgeous body.
"Damn, you're hot." I finally admit. I click my fingers next to his face to illuminate his features. His eyes, connected so deeply with my own, glint in the flickering light.
"Don't do that." He whispers.
"Why not?" He watches as I weave the flames around my fingers.
"Because you have no idea how sexy it is." He growls, kissing me again. I quickly extinguish the flames, unable to resist the urge to touch his skin. The way he kisses me is so different to anything I've ever experienced. It's so full of passion and longing, with almost uncontrollable excitement and lust. On top of that, there's our mutation and connection. I can almost feel the flames flowing through my bloodstream and into his body at every point where our skin touches. And the amount of emotion I feel from him through our connection makes the whole thing more intense.
I push him onto his back and straddle his hips, sitting up on top of him. Crossing my arms over my body, I slowly peel of my shirt. I flick it casually onto the floor.
"Holy shit." He growls, sitting up below me and wrapping his arms around my waist. I kiss him passionately, feeling every thought and emotion running through his body and mind. I bite his lip roughly, causing him to moan slightly.
"I want you." His thoughts are strong in my mind.
"Make me forget about Scott." I order.
"My pleasure."


**Lots of Eveloyn, Butterflygrl. ;) Anyway, are there any questions you guys want answering before the end? Just leave them in the comments. :) Got two more chapters to upload tonight, but off to a Psychology exam now. D: See you guys later!**

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