The Boy With The Red Sunglasses

Evelyn James is just an average teenage girl - clever, relatively popular, friendly. But after the unbelievable events of her prom night, she manages to fall into more and more trouble, and there is only one person who understands - the boy with the red sunglasses.

*Basically, an X-Men fanfic set in present day, explaining Scott's first experiences with his mutation and the X-Men. I've been told it makes total sense even if you don't know anything about X-Men! So, please check it out. :)*


68. Professor's Meeting

I guess if my life was a movie, this is where I'd have my montage - weeks of boring physical and mental training, developing our powers to be the best that they can be. We should be training as a team by now. But Jean and Warren still refuse to be in the same room as me. So, I train in the morning, and they train in the afternoon, with Scott attending both sessions. Bobby had been working tirelessly to try to keep the peace, following Scott's lead in attending every training session possible, or at least attempting! Although he tries to keep pace with our fearless leader, Bobby's age and inexperience means he has not quite gained Scott's level of stamina yet. When he tires in the afternoon sessions, he usually pays me a visit and we watch stupid comedy shows together until Scott's finished training.
It's nice having Bobby around. He is really like the brother I never had, now more than ever. Whenever my mind has wandered to thoughts of pyrokinetics and being bad, Bobby's always there to unknowingly keep me grounded. I couldn't ask for a better friend.
My powers have advanced dramatically since that night in the park with John. I am now able to manipulate my flames into almost any imaginable shape, and the speed at which I can summon the fire is getting quicker and quicker each day. Although the professor has been putting sufficient pressure on me to improve, Scott has been my biggest motivation. I always feel his eyes tracking me when I'm training. I know he wants me to push my powers to their full potential. I know he wants me to be strong enough to take care of myself (not that I wasn't before). Even in class, when the professor asks me to speak, I can almost hear Scott's voice in my mind, pushing me to give the correct answers. Almost. But not quite. Not like it is with John. I hear him in my dreams sometimes; it seems our telepathy is stronger that way. I mostly hear him trying to contact me, asking why I haven't spoken to him, telling me he has a plan. But sometimes, he sleeps when I sleep, and I see myself in his dreams. He dreams of me regularly - the girl with the flame entwined hair. He likes the sense of mystery that surrounds me and he wants to know more.
I'm starting to wonder why I let him escape that night. It's been two months and I've still made no effort to contact him. But when I think of him being captured, even by the X-Men, it makes me shudder. I care for him - I can't help it. The connection we share runs deeper than a simple telepathic bond. He's like a twin, someone who could possibly understand my every thought and feeling surrounding my mutation. He's like... A safety net. In a weird 'extremely dangerous, potentially psycho killer' sort of way.
The professor says that he's having trouble locating John with his weird, telepathic super computer thingy-ma-bob. He says there's some sort of telepathic signal blocking his mind, and I can bet that's our connection.
I try not to think about John too much though, and not only because I live with two telepaths who could sneak their way into my mind whenever they please. I feel like now is a time for teamwork, ironically, considering half of my team won't even talk to me.

"Scott, Evelyn." The professors voice pushes into our minds, breaking up our romantic evening make out session. We fall back from each other, blushing. "Please come to my office as soon as possible."
I sigh heavily. "Damn it! Every time we get a moment to ourselves something interrupts it!"
"I know." He huffs. "I promise we'll find some time to be together soon. Just us."
"You do?" I look up at him, smiling.
"Yep!" He offers me his hand. "Now come on, we should get to the professor before he starts getting suspicious!"
Once we reach the door to professor X's office, we hear murmurs of voices echoing inside. I look up to Scott, confused and he shrugs.
As soon as we enter the room, the voices stop abruptly. I scan the room for their source. Jean and Warren stand strongly in front of the professor's desk, which he sits calmly behind, and Bobby leans carelessly against a book case.
"No." Jean's voice is the first to speak up. "I said no! There's no way we're having an attempted murderer on our team."
"With all due respect," Scott hisses sarcastically beside me. "It's not your team."
"With all due respect, Cyclops," She repeats his words in a sassy tone; emphasizing his name in a mocking way. "She almost killed Warren!"
"Jesus! Can't you just get over that?! You know that wasn't her fault!" For God's sake!
"Can everyone stop talking about me like I'm not here?" I yell. The room falls silent again.
"Indeed." The professor says curtly. "I've called you here today in response to your recent actions."
As a group, we glance around the room at each other. We don't know what these 'actions' are yet, but we're all certain that it's everyone else's fault.
"How are we supposed to be able to right the wrongs of others, when we're not acting as a team?" Oh. That is why we're here.
"But professor, she did this!" Warren hisses the word 'she' like my name would be poison on his tongue. "How can we trust her again?"
"Because, Warren, you are my X-Men, and I would've thought you could see that this was not all Evelyn's fault." Not all? None of it was my fault! I just followed Scott's orders and boom! Crazy lady mood!
"But- I mean-" Jean speaks up. "It's difficult to believe that at least some of it was her own actions."
"I understand. But I have been into her mind-"
"Wait. What?!" I exclaim. What the hell?!
"I have been into Evelyn's mind." He repeats calmly, my rage grows inside. "And I can assure you that her feelings at that point were nothing close to the Evelyn we know. There is no possibility that one person could change so much without an outside influence."
"So, you expect us to believe that she's not a psycho killer and that could've happened to any of us?" Warren raises his eyebrows, obviously not welcoming the idea.
"No." Scott states loudly, tensing slightly beside me. "I expect you to shut the hell up, feather boy!"
"Scott." The professor warns.
"I'm sorry, professor, but maybe the team is better off without them, if they're gunna be so damn ignorant." An awkward silence follows Scott's words, before the professor speaks up again.
"Robert," He says gently, directing our eyes to the boy flipping a large hard back book between his hands. "That is a first edition. And, no, I don't know how many paper aeroplanes one could construct from the whole book, and you shall definitely not be finding out."
Bobby blushes at the announcement of his wandering thoughts.
"Sorry, professor." He replaces the book on the shelf behind him. "And it's Bobby."
I can't help but smile at his actions. He's always there to make things easier for me by making me smile.
"Well, Bobby." The professor says his name in an awkward way which suggests 'Robert' will return within a day. "What are your thoughts on this situation?"
"Oh... Urrrr-" We all know that the professor knows exactly what Bobby's thoughts are, and why it's so important for us to hear them. "Well, ummm..." He clears his throat. "Warren, I understand that Evelyn hurt you, but I think you need to see that this wasn't her actions. I know that in your heart you do see that, you're just struggling to believe it, which is understandable - you need someone to blame. And Jean, I hate to say it, but I think we all know that your apparent 'hatred' for Evelyn stems from something other than those events." Everyone's eyes look to Scott and Jean's face turns a deep pink. Even Bobby's noticed her feelings towards my boyfriend? "Scott, you've gotta understand that you can't always be our perfect leader. You need to stop beating yourself up over this. How were you supposed to know that would happen when Evelyn took in that much energy? Exactly. You couldn't. So stop telling yourself that this is your fault." He stands up straight from the bookcase he was leant on now. "And Evelyn. You need to realize that you did hurt Warren, whether it was your own actions or not. You did it. And no matter if he forgives you or not, your relationship with him will take weeks, if not months, of effort to regain its trust."
I nod. I know.
"Now, I think you can all see that this problem has really messed up our little group. But we're the X-Men, guys! Can we not recover from one small issue?" Well, I'd hardly call it a 'small issue'. "That's all I have to say."
"Thank you, Robert." The professor smiles proudly at the young boy.
"Bobby." He corrects mindlessly.
"If the youngest of our group can see the mistakes we make, why can't we?" The professor speaks as if he is also in the wrong. As much as I still don't trust him wholly, he does make you feel like part of a team. All of us look down, ashamed at our recent actions. Warren is the first to speak.
"Fine. I'll try to forgive her. But it won't be easy." His tone is harsh still.
"Oh, nobody said it would be easy, Mr Worthington." The professor's monotone voice states. He then looks to Jean and she sighs.
"Fine." I don't think she'll ever like me. She was just looking for an excuse to cover the real reason though.
"Okay. So we shall begin by combining your training sessions. And because of your recent actions, you will need to be in the training room ready by six AM every morning for the next two weeks."
We all moan. I am so not ready for that many early starts! Especially now that me and Scott get so little time to ourselves.
"You may leave." The professor says firmly, his eyes returning to the mountain of paperwork on his desk, although I'm not sure that anybody really knows what it is.
We exit the room slowly, not speaking. I'm sure we all feel slightly ashamed about our recent actions. After a few moments, I pluck up enough courage to be the first to speak.
"Warren. I really am so sorry for what happened. If I could somehow-"
"I said I'd try to forgive you." He hisses. "I don't need your help with that."
Soon, the group have dispersed and Scott and I are back in our room. I'm still feeling stung by Warren's comment.
"Hey," Scott says softly, tilting my chin up to look at him. "You know he's just being Warren. Just give him some time, yeah?"
I nod sadly. Yeah.
"Now, where were we?" His cheeky, contagious smile claims his lips.
"What? Before the meeting?" I can't help but smile with him.
"Oh yes! I remember!" He takes me in his arms and kisses me. I can already feel that he is more relaxed now that his X-Men are reforming. I let my body sag into his arms and kiss him back, equalling his passion. And yet, the voice of a blonde Australian echoes in my mind. Your perfect, good-boy boyfriend can only relate to you so much.

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